Booking Las Vegas Hotels In Advance, Using Discount Online Booking?

I receive your Insider Vibe Newsletter and it is very informative. I am glad that there is someone out there sending out interesting newsletters. This is my first trip to Vegas and i had a question on booking a room at the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

I will be driving from Texas to Vegas with stops along the way so my question is: In the I4Vegas Discount Search is the rate quoted on your newsletter the same rate I would get if i just walked in the Plaza and booked a room without a reservation?

Keep up the good work!

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Ted Responds:

Good questions. First of all, hotel rates are like airfare. Often changing completely at the whims of supply and demand. There is no one “set” rate for a hotel room. You could walk in one minute and pay one rate, walk in a couple hours later and pay another rate.

When you use the i4Vegas booking engine on our site or newsletter, you’re getting discount rates for the following reasons:

i4Vegas buys blocks of rooms from hotels, way in advance and with a contract to do this month after month. Why would the hotels do this? All of a sudden, those rooms are guaranteed as sold whether i4Vegas fills them or not. The hotel does not have to deal with marketing, advertising, or booking these rooms. They sell the blocks at a healthy discount, i4Vegas takes the risk and then turns around and re-sells the rooms at small profit (making money on volume). You are making a non-refundable reservation. So for saving money, you are guaranteeing that room is SOLD.

It would be an extremely rare occurrence to walk up to a hotel desk and get that kind of discounted rate. And although Las Vegas isn’t always operating at 100% capacity because of the economy, it stopped being a good time to just show up in Las Vegas without a reservation a long, long time ago. You pick a time with a busy convention, fight, or other event filling rooms and you’ll be paying very high rates if you can find a room.

Plus, using the booking boxes on or in the newsletter helps keep our newsletter free. Significant manpower goes into the newsletter and i4Vegas is a sponsor that helps make it all possible. Their rates are among the lowest (if not THE lowest) you are going to find. Even if they are a couple of bucks more a night than another hotel booking service, think of it as a small price to support those who keep all this information coming your way.

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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