Bring Back Good Gambling In Las Vegas

My feelings and thoughts about your adopted home town have been well documented in past letters to you and I have enjoyed our sharing of ideas. I read your notes about the entertainment opportunities, etc. in Las Vegas and it left me wondering what your readers are thinking about the topic. (Maybe a future poll would be a good idea?) For me, it still comes down to gambling: the most fun I have had in Las Vegas involved gaming and that scene has changed considerably in the last 12 years.

While the shows and shopping in Las Vegas are amazing, the reality is, for me, gambling is the X factor that puts me over the top and makes me want to book a trip from the east coast. So let me know when the slots are paying out 98+% and there is widespread 3-2 blackjack with $5 minimums again like way back in 2002. 😎 (I think you discussed a potential trend back to that recently…. or am I wrong about that?)

All the best,

Mike from Syracuse

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the comments. We are getting some poll software ready as we’d like to start actually polling readers on a number of topics. Both to help us guide content and so that people can see what others are thinking.

Many properties downtown are still dealing $5 full-pay blackjack and have the best documented slot payouts (sans the locals properties). We have been very vocal in telling people who come primarily to gamble to head downtown, and since many of the downtown properties have been remodeled or upgraded, they are as nice as your average Strip casino was 15 years ago.

Although, buyer beware as not everything downtown is the gravy train. Video poker pay tables downstairs at The D (at their Longbar) are horrendous. On the flip side, Downtown Grand (formerly Lady Luck) just loosened their pay tables in an effort to draw more people through the door.

Speaking of the Downtown Grand, they are now also luring you in with 1/2 off all food and beverage at their Art Bar from 5-7 PM. And doing 99 cent tacos at their Commissary dining area every day of the week. (It is called Commissary, but it is open to the public. It is not their employee dining room).

Having said that, we’ve never been a gaming-centric publication. Certainly much of our information is helpful to most Vegas visitors. However, our focus continues to be more in the direction of entertainment, dining, and deals.




CEO/Managing Editor