When Does Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman’s Term End?


I think you should run for mayor or even more (Senate). You have some great ideas.


Ted Responds:

Thanks so much for the thoughts. My dearly departed Great Aunt Helene encouraged me in that direction also. However… I’m a little too “Oscar Goodman” to be electable to really high office! I don’t say what is politically correct, and the only thing “green” about me is an occasional bottle of Heineken.

Besides… I have one of the best jobs in the world right now!

Speaking of Mayor Goodman, he’s term limited out at the end of the year. This spring will bring elections for our new Mayor. I live in the city limits of Las Vegas so will be following the race very closely and voting appropriatly. Unfortunately, no one running has anywhere near his public persona and he will be missed.

Fortunately, it looks like our Convention/Visitors Authority (LVCVA, who otherwise couldn’t find their rear-end with both hands and manages to flush millions down the toilet each year completely ineffectively) is considering hiring him in some capacity. In one of last year’s issues of our Las Vegas newsletter, I suggested that he be named Mayor Emeritus of Las Vegas and it appears that LVCVA is indeed considering the smart move of utilizing him in that capacity.

But thanks for the kind words, and thanks for reading!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Female And Thinking Of Visiting Las Vegas Alone – Any Thoughts?

I was wondering what you and your readers thought of people who travel to Vegas alone. I have been coming to Vegas alone for several years now. My husband never cared for the gambling scene, he died approx. 4 years ago and now my boyfriend doesn’t care for it either.

I know my way around and wouldn’t go places I shouldn’t and times that I should not be there either.

I love slot tournaments and I love the spa’s during the day. This give me MY time and I can gamble morning til night. I only stay a few days and always ready to go back. Do I sound pathetic? Are there other people out there like me?

I always feel safe in Vegas, never had any trouble.



Ted Responds:

First of all, there is nothing pathetic about coming to Las Vegas alone regardless of your gender. In fact, because of the large number of conventions we host, it is very common for people to be here “alone” (sans their significant other) and outside of the convention simply doing what they want to do and see on their own.

And while maybe a little more common for men to do, taking off and hitting Las Vegas for a few days is absolutely nothing new.

As you noted, Las Vegas is incredibly safe as long as you don’t wander way off down a dark street or otherwise get careless. (You wouldn’t just leave your purse lying around or go somewhere with a stranger or similar at home, and obviously shouldn’t in Las Vegas). With SO MANY cameras both inside and outside the hotels, you are probably more safe here than most other destinations.

One tip for dining alone (if it makes you feel strange in any way, which it shouldn’t): Most of the great restaurants we have will serve you the full menu at the bar. No reservations required and usually no wait to sit at the bar, and you usually aren’t completely “alone”.

From personal experience living here, I venture out alone more than I do with someone else. The freedom is wonderful. You can just go at your own whim, see what you want to see, stop and play a machine if you hear it “calling” you. Stay out if you want. Go back to your room if you are tired. See a show at spur of the moment (good single seats to a show are often available day-of-show at the box office).

Now… granted, you should at some point introduce your significant other to Las Vegas because there is so much more to do and see than gamble. He can go to Pawn Stars or watch a game or have a scotch and cigar (or whatever he’s into) while you hit the spa or do your slot tournaments. And today’s modern slot machines are more video games than slot machines. People who otherwise aren’t “gamblers” have fun on the penny slots.

But I absolutely wouldn’t think twice about it. Sometime we all need our “me” time, and the few days apart from each other may provide a nice break and make you “miss” each other just a little bit and put some fire in the relationship when you return.

Readers, do you visit Las Vegas alone? Have you considered it? Any thoughts or suggestions? Hit us with a comment in the comment box below!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Did A Staycation, Had A Great Time, Wish Pornslappers Would Go Away

Just a note from a fan letting you know how MUCH I enjoy the newsletter. I am a local but I think you do a wonderful and honest job of promoting our fair city. In the past week we’ve entertained friends from out of town and had our own “staycation” down on the strip. We had a great time even with the heat. It is a fun town to “show off”.

My only gripe is the darn Paper Flickers handing out the girly cards. I have small kids and I just hate it from the subject matter to the litter it creates. I feel like if folks want to find those vices……it’s pretty easy…doesn’t have to be right on the street. But that is really my only issue with Las Vegas. Keep up the great work, it’s nice to read all of the news from you as well as your perspective.

Warm regards,

Sue Natole

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the great note! We hope to start a series on Staycations soon (which will also help visitors learn and know about the different hotels). No question as a local who reads our stuff, you were very well informed on what to show them.

It is so fun showing off everything to guests. Living here, we forget how awe-inspiring it is to others!

Everything has been tried to stop the pornslappers (card guys, called that because they often slap the cards against their hands to get your attention so they can give you one). Just about everybody hates them, but no one can stop them. Wish we could.

The Clark County Commission is continuing to look at what can be done about the pornslappers. We actually had someone recently write and note that they wouldn’t be coming back to town until we got rid of them.

The best thing you can do is totally ignore them and keep on walking. They can’t legally touch you. I sometimes walk as close as I can to them (without coming close enough to bump them) while totally ignoring them. You’d be amazed at how quickly they step back. They want no trouble with the law.

One thing that I’ll be suggesting to my county commissioner is the following idea (which I have yet to see proposed): Whether the pornslappers are legal or not, somebody is paying them. How are they being paid? Is it under the table? Are taxes reported? The IRS has gone after everybody from table game dealers to nightclub workers over the years trying to find unreported taxes. I’m no fan of the IRS, but maybe we could have them look into these companies.

Please do tell your other local friends to subscribe to the newsletter. Since it is free, it is well worth just skimming if they want to keep up on the visitor side of things. All of us who live here always have friends and family coming into town so it is good to be informed.

Plus, doing a Staycation is great. When you are on The Strip, it doesn’t matter that your house may be 15 minutes away. You are in a whole ‘nother world!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Australian Country Girl Loves Las Vegas – Looking For Like-Minded Friends

Love your newsletter, been to the states twice, 06 and 07 hope to be back this year.

Cannot believe I have been to Vegas twice and there is so much I have not seen.

Stayed at the Excalibur Las Vegas on both trips and loved our rooms.

I am a country girl so you can imagine my excitement when we drove over the rise and saw Vegas stretched out in front of us.

I just love the place and would love to stay for 12 months and experience all the things the state of Nevada has to offer.

My sister in-law and I arrived in LA and from there picked up our car and drove to Lake Ellsinore, shopping is unbelievable.

Stayed the night at Temecula and then headed off to Barstow, more shopping, we had no idea on distance and how far towns are spread out, funny thing is we went from Los Angeles to Lake Ellsinore, took us like 4 hours and later we find out it is only 20 minutes away . Still do not know what we did wrong but we saw lots and did not mind getting lost.

Your roads are so easy to understand so that makes our trip even more embarrassing.

I could not get the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road so my mate had to do all the driving. She did a great job.

I cannot wait to come back, we where coming back May 09 but with the dollar as it is we had to put it off. Everyday I am on the net looking at pics and stories on Vegas, I find it very interesting that since I have been back in Australia there has not been a day go by when I don’t think about you guys, I so want to be back there its all I think about. My dream is to come back and buy a home, stay for a year or so and then spend six months in Vegas and six months here, not likely but how good would that be.

Thanks for your newsletter; I look forward to reading it every month.

Would love to start a friendship with anyone who is interested, I am 45 F, married no kids, love animals and walking my dog in the bush, also like the beach but do prefer a creek for swimming. I work full time and do volunteer work. Want to know more just ask thanks.

Kindest Regards

[email protected]