Las Vegas Shows and Tours, How Far Out To Book?

Hi, love reading your column. My question is regarding the double-decker tour bus I saw that only Feb and March are available. Are those the only two months it is offered? I was thinking about coming in May.


Colleen in Florida

Ted Responds:

Good Question: Tour availability and prices can be subject to change. Same can happen with some Vegas shows. Our advice? Book a show as far out in advance as possible for best seats. Yes, the economy has many shows not selling out. But isn’t your Vegas vacation worth planning ahead enough to get an awesome seat?

As for tours, keep an eye on a tour you want every week or two until your travel window is offered.

We see the double-deck British buses all the time (which have a celeb-impersonator as your fun tour guide), and it always looks like people are enjoying themselves! (Something else for my short-term to-do list). For those wanting more info, click over to Las Vegas Double-Decker Bus of the Stars

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Which Tour Company For A Grand Canyon Tour From Las Vegas?

Just wanted to say that I very much enjoy your newsletter. I come to Vegas twice a year from Brisbane, Australia.. Just love it!!!!

I am wanting to do a Grand Canyon West Rim Tour this time (August) and was wondering if you could let me know what is a good and reputable tour company.

Keep up the great work!!!!!


Ted Responds:

All the tour companies that we list (of various tours) on our Tours page are pre-screened and reputable:

Just a note about a west rim tour: Traveling by bus is an all day (and I mean ALL DAY) trip because the drive over and back is 4-5 hours each way.

If it is in your budget, I suggest taking an airplane or helicopter tour. Some plane tours land over at the west rim, cutting down your transport time there and back.

The best way to see the Canyon is on Maverick helicopter, and they have some tours that actually land you in the bottom of the Canyon. Maverick Tours are noted on our tours page, and you can actually see what that tour is like in this 10 minute video:

If you like what you see, click on over to Maverick Helicopter Tours. They have the most modern fleet, hire only top pilots, best customer service and have a great safety record.

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor