Best Kept Las Vegas Free Parking Secret: Casino Royale

You mentioned parking in the Casino Royale parking lot and walking over to the Venetian. Where do you expect lodgers of the Casino Royale to park? This is a small hotel and does not offer valet parking and other amenities that the larger hotels can offer. While I have roomed at the Casino Royale and do NOT recommend it, I do not believe their parking lot should be invaded by those who are not guests there. Parking at the large hotels must be taken into account when planning these “meccas” instead of putting tourists and smaller hotels into a bind!

Ted Responds:

Thank you for your thoughts. Let me respond to your very good points:

The lot behind the Casino Royale is rarely 100% full, even on a weekend evening. They have spaces right next to the hotel building set aside for hotel guests. In addition, I have never seen their very small 4 floor parking garage filled past the second floor. (Except during the construction of the Venetian, when the casino encouraged construction workers to park there, hoping they would enjoy a drink and some gambling after their shift).

While I would never suggest someone crowd the parking lot of a small business, doctor’s office, or similar, the casino business is very different. They want you there. All the better chance to get you in the door. They would be thrilled to have their parking lot and garage filled to the brim, and the small number of hotel guests at Casino Royale will never come close to filling up their garage.

For the record, I have no business interest in the property, nor would I suggest staying there. But it’s quicker to park their and get to the front of The Venetian, The Mirage, Harrah’s, etc. than it is to use those casino garages because the Casino Royale garage sits literally seconds from the Strip. In addition, Casino Royale has THE lowest table minimums in the center Strip area, as well as some of the cheapest drinks. A great place for the value-conscious gambler.




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August 4, 1999


Happy To Hear Lady Luck Las Vegas Will Re-Open, Miss Old Slot Machines

What wonderful news about the Lady Luck! She was the first place we stayed in Las Vegas and the memories I have of her are heartwarming and wonderful! It was being remodeled while we were there in 2004… but the Pool was a nice size, although not glamorous and a lot of folks took advantage of it,,(,our room was pool side…)

I think it would be great if some casino would bring back all those old slots…like Elvira and the old Monopoly, Bewitched, Adams Family etc. even the old Elvis machine was great…even if they would do this in just a part of a Casino would be great! Not a museum…actual machines that folks could play….I like a lot of the new machines…but $5.00 to $50.00 per spin on a Penny or Nickel machine sort of defeats the purpose….if these new machines continue with 50 to 100 line bets +, the Casino’s are going to price a lot of folks out of coming!

I love Vegas…but when I come I limit myself to $1500 in gambling money for 3 days…I can’t see this ever changing…I love the slots, and I go to play….not for the shows, the drinks or the food, (although I enjoy the food!) but to play the slots at all the Casinos… but I like 9 to 20 line bets…what I see happening is me not being able to afford it much longer…Vegas is my favorite Vacation Spot, and if it prices me out…well this will be one really disappointed tourist! I’m not real lucky, but I love to play!

While I usually come home with a little money…I usually leave much more, including any winnings! I just love the excitement of being there…I look forward to it for months in advance…it still holds its magic for me…but if this happens to me, how many other folks is it going to affect? I hope that Vegas will not become a Vacation Destination for only the affluent in our society….but it sure looks like it’s headed that way. Keep us posted on The Lady Luck!

Sherrie B.

Ted Responds:

No opening date set yet, but we understand work has started and are looking forward to it ourselves. They are doing remodel and upgrades (which is needed). Let’s hope they keep enough of all the old vibe which made it great while bringing it up to modern standards!

Video Poker Machine Las Vegas Full House

The Fremont Hotel Casino (also downtown) has quite a few of the “oldie but goodie” machines. In fact, next to their check-in area, they actually have old-school coin-fed (and high payback) video poker games. The kind that we were all used to in the 90’s. I know… I was playing one of them a few days ago (see above photo)!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Clubs For People Who Are Over 40 In Las Vegas?

I read the recent post about the lack of over 40’s club in Vegas and with what you said about the average age of Vegas travelers (and we have most of the money to spend) I am also amazed someone has not catered to this crowd. Me and my spouse visit Vegas often (late 40’s) and if someone did this right I do think they would make a killing. You ought to really get this out there-if this was done right I really do think it would be a gold mine.


B. Winter

Ted Responds:

You aren’t alone. I’m 44 so I’m in that stage where I grew up with (and like) lounges/clubs but a bit past where I can appreciate what caters to 25 year olds.

Nikki’s Beach will be the new beach club at the Tropicana and my research says they might really help fill the gap. However, Nikki’s Beach is on the upscale side. Seems to be a huge gap that someone needs to fill and we’ll keep banging the drum about it.

The strongest suggestion I have is Goldiggers, second floor of the Golden Nugget Las Vegas downtown overlooking the Fremont Street Experience. Let me note that this is a club, and inside there is modest dance floor and thumping music from the late 70’s though the 80’s (usually spun by a live DJ). But it is still pretty laid back, the large outdoor patio area has ample seating, quick and friendly cocktail service, and most importantly patrons ranging from late 20’s to 50’s in age. Open Wednesday – Sundays.

Click photo for larger version of Goldiggers photo:

Goldiggers lounge at Golden Nugget Las Vegas on a perfect eve... on Twitpic

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor