Enjoyed Las Vegas Local’s Casinos – Which One To Stay?

I emailed you recently looking for advice on visiting off strip casinos.  So for the first time in ten visits, we rented a car and looked into your suggestions on casinos.  We visited several from your list like Sam’s Club and The Orleans.  We really liked the off strip casinos and want to thank you for your suggestions.

Gail M. Huff


I’m hoping that you can suggest some possible alternatives to the Strip for our annual family reunion in the Vegas area.

For the last 16 years, we siblings along with our parents have gathered from all around the country to meet at the Flamingo for Dad’s birthday in May.  It has been a great run, but unfortunately, age and mobility issues are catching up with us.   We are now in mid-40’s to late-80’s age range.  The crowds of noisy 20-somethings and the hotels that cater to them are getting extremely annoying, and the huge casinos are getting too hard to navigate.   We don’t come to party as much as to socialize and shop.  So we are searching for another venue for next year that meets our requirements.  Vegas is perfect for the weather and the convenience of air flights.  We also need:

* a pool for sunning – preferably without blasting music
* a poker room
* relatively quiet casino/public areas (it is the constantly blaring noise we object to)
* a bonus would be shuttle/taxi distance to Strip shopping/shows

Can you offer some suggestions?

On another topic – When I arrived on May 1 and got a cab from the airport to Flamingo, I was long-hauled.  My fault – I was tired, and when the driver said he’d go on the freeway, ok?, I stupidly said “sure”.  Too late, I remembered you writing about just that scenario.  $26 fare – and obviously no tip.

For the rest of our stay, though, the cab drivers and restaurant and hotel service people we met were friendly, helpful, and professional.

I would offer a recommendation to anyone looking for a special group dinner venue.  At Canaletto at the Venetian, we had 10 people in a small, private room upstairs overlooking St Mark’s Square.  The food was incredible, the staff was extremely accommodating,  the venue was very classy, and the prices fair.

Judy Jakes


Ted Responds:

Gail: The Sam’s Town atrium is an under-sung gem and The Orleans is probably the best pure example of a traditional locals casino.

Judy: Thanks for the input from your last stay.

Let me give the hotel suggestion some thought. M is really nice and reasonable rates, but they have a pretty active pool area (they invite locals, sell cabanas, have a DJ).

I’m glad that you brought this up because just yesterday we were noting how many readers are regular visitors who are very amiable to staying off-strip if they knew more about the various properties.

Offhand, Orleans and Sam’s Town would both be good picks. More subdued crowd, both nice/decent properties, plenty to do (movies, bowling), poker rooms, free shuttles, tons of on-site dining options, free shuttles to Strip. Ditto with South Point and the advantage of it being a new property and just a couple of miles from the huge outlet mall at the way south end of The Strip.

If you love shopping, make sure you check out Town Square (1/2 mile south of Mandalay Bay). Upscale but worth browsing even if you don’t buy. Really a best kept secret as you feel you are walking around a few blocks of a prefect little town.

And keep in mind that the new Ace bus runs from Town Square all the way downtown to the downtown outlet mall!

Except for the lack of a poker room, Tuscany Suites (mentioned in most recent newsletter) is a best-kept secret. Downside is the very short taxi ride (no shuttle) or leg-stretching walk to The Strip.

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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