Family Celebrates Kid’s 21’st Birthday In Las Vegas – Do It!

Just want to tell parents that if they have someone in the family turning 21 this year, Vegas is a great place to celebrate this big event! It is even greater when friends and relatives can go along to help celebrate the occasion! I had always promised my son, that on his 21st Birthday we would go to Vegas! (This started when he was about 5 years old, and although I always told him, we really sort of forgot about it and all of a sudden it was 6 months before his 21st birthday!) We started shopping for hotels and plane tickets, his girlfriend went, and other family members joined us after arrival! We paid his plane ticket and Hotel Room, bought him some Luggage, and told him he had to put away his own money for gambling and clubs!

Well, he started saving, and we gave him $100+ and it was the best thing we could have done!! We all had a great time…flew in the day before his 21st…walked the strip, ate at several restaurants…looked over the Casino’s, and at Midnight, we turned him loose!

At home we would have worried about him partying, and drinking too much, and not using good sense..would have worried all night….In Vegas, he gambled, ate, drank, went to shows, and Clubs, for 3 days and truly celebrated turning of age in “Sin City”!

We knew he was having a great time, with younger family members and girl friend, also had to rely on his own feet or Bus or Taxi….Mom and Dad were doing their own thing….and we saw him the next morning! What we shared and laughed at over Coffee and Doughnuts, then Breakfast, and all the stories we told, is a wonderful memory…

That was 7 years ago and he still talks about his 21st Birthday! (He and the girl friend married others, but all get along and still remain friends) So Parents, consider Vegas as a option…it is truly a way to “let go” of your babies!

Sherrie Brickey

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the great note. No question that Las Vegas is the best place in the world to celebrate your 21’st birthday (legal drinking and gambling age here). But I never thought about the benefits that you mentioned:

You knew that he would always be around hotels and clubs and casinos where there is plenty of security and police (and help if something goes wrong plus the incentive to not do anything way too stupid).

You knew that he wouldn’t be drinking and driving.

The 24/7 liquor service here actually helps people from over-indulging at the last minute. No one is trying to ram down those three last shots before closing time before the get in their cars.

You could all go do your own thing completely separate, but meet up the next day to spend a little time together. This is perfect for families because let’s face it: Spending some time with your family is great. Being tied at the hip during a vacation can get tiring on everyone invloved.

In fact, you hit on something that I’ve always touted: Las Vegas is a great place to bring extended family (no young kids) or extended groups of far-flung friends together for a few days. In fact, this has made Thanksgiving a busy time here in Las Vegas.

There is so much to do and see, and such a variety of activities that literally everybody will find plenty of things they enjoy doing separately but the group can still schedule enough “together” time (meals are best for this). In fact, our world famous buffets are prefect because just about any group (at least maybe up to 20 people) can be seated with no hassle and everybody can find what they enjoy eating.

Thanks for the note!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

One thought on “Family Celebrates Kid’s 21’st Birthday In Las Vegas – Do It!”

  1. This is so cool that other parents think the way my husband and I do. We have been going to Las Vegas since the early 1980’s shortly after we married.

    We now have 3 adult kids and our last just turned 21 last weekend. We have taken them all several times in the past. However, we have also told them all their lives that once they all turned 21 we would take them again and who ever else they wanted to take with them for 3 days to Vegas to celebrate.

    Well, the time has come and we already have our planes, hotel and a lot fun booked the middle of July.

    I too cannot tell you how wonderful it will be to have all 3 of our adult kids with us in a safe and exciting place to celebrate their adulthood and us becoming empty nesters.

    This is the first of many exciting vacations there with them as adults!

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