Girls Trips To Las Vegas

I just love Vegas and would live there if I could. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t love Vegas and refused to visit anymore after 7 times (he doesn’t gamble and gets fed up) but result – I now go with a girlfriend and we have sooooo much of a better time!!!! No man moaning ….. I’m tired/hungry/bored/fed up with you gambling. My friend and I go to bingo every week (big in the UK) and we pool our winnings, saving for our Vegas vacations. So far we have been 8 times together, missing only 2 years not having won enough.

Unfortunately the air fares have increased so much over the years. We couldn’t go this year but now have enough for a definite visit next May. We’ve stayed at various hotels (depending on how much we win at bingo!). Stardust was our fav but they blew it up! Frontier we liked too but they blew that up!

One year we stayed at the Wynn, beautiful hotel but to be honest we only spend around 5 hours in the room and decided not to waste money on good hotels. All hotels in Vegas are of a good size, have air con and are comfortable so why pay more? We’ve settled on the Riviera for the last 4 years, older hotel but clean and cheap, plus we like to be up the north end of the strip.

Anyway sorry to go on and on, I could talk Vegas all day! Keep up the great work and those people who moan about a very low subscription obviously don’t realize what a great deal they would be getting – so just ignore them!

Kind regards,

Sylvie from the UK

Ted Responds:

If it makes you feel any better, “girls trips” to Las Vegas are as popular as ever. Back when I moved here in 1993, it seems like The Strip was 75% male. Groups of guys would come, and couples would come, but not so much groups of ladies (or a couple of women visiting like you and your friend). Las Vegas has been putting more police on The Strip — including now on the pedestrian walkways — to make it safer than ever, and we are one area that women can walk at almost anytime of the day or night in comfort.

It sounds like you are a hotel jinx, first with the Stardust, then with the Frontier! All kidding aside, I still miss both. The Stardust had THE sportsbook in town (maybe along with the Hilton at the time), some good dining and a nice, Vegasy feel. When I’d park in the lot in back of The Frontier and walk out to The Strip — detouring along the pool — I’d feel like Dan Tanna from the old Vega$ TV series (which is available on Netflix and a fun watch).

Speaking of our talk about the North Strip, nothing wrong with The Riv! They remodeled all the rooms a few years ago, and we’ve gotten 100% good feedback since then. (Just don’t expect Wynn or Caesars, OK). I love just walking through the place as you FEEL like you are in Las Vegas. On the retro side? Yes. Location is still a little bit of a downside, unless you don’t mind walking. SLS is 1/2 mile to the north, Westgate 1/2 mile to the east, and Wynn/Encore 1/2 mile to the south. Granted, an all-day bus pass will make anywhere on The Strip or downtown a reasonable ride.




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