Good Place To Go Horseback Riding In Las Vegas?

Can you recommend a place to go horseback riding in LV?



Ted Responds:

Bonnie Springs is the best over-all “western” experience:

The price is reasonable for the situation ($55 for an hour ride), and that scenery in the Red Rock area is incredible.

The employees I’ve encountered are passionate about the place and it is the real-deal old-west. It used to be a stop on the Spanish Trail. Plus they have an on-site restaurant and bar so you can grab some food or a drink after the ride. Yes, they have running water and electricity. It is “updated” old west.

As for transportation out there: It is 22 miles by car from center strip. However, return taxi might be a pretty big problem. I’d have them contact Bonnie Springs directly to ask about transportation suggestions.

Locals should check it out on a weekend (even if they don’t want to ride horses). It is a best-kept secret. You are 30 minutes from town, but feel like you are somewhere in wilds of Arizona at the ranch. Go in the middle of the day when the sun is highest for best experience (this time of the year). Have lunch and a couple of cocktails.

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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