Las Vegas Hotels – Weekday vs. Weekend Rates and What Weeks Are Cheaper?

I am from Australia, and I visited Vegas each year from 2003 till 2007. I like to stay at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, because of it’s location.

The inflated pricing for Fridays and Saturdays has always been a rip-off as far as I am concerned. Now I see that rates for Sundays and Mondays are being set higher. They have a rate of around $40 for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and now are asking more for Sundays and Mondays!

The weekly rate for 2007 was around $700 for the week, and now, in these tough times when things are supposed to be going bad, and Casino’s are fighting to get people in, the weekly rate is $650.

Ok, I’m supposed to believe that because of ‘supply and demand’, that Fridays and Saturday rates are inflated, but there’s ‘no way’ I can cop that Sunday and Monday rates should be raised for no apparent reason than to recoup something out of these hard times.

Is this something that is happening throughout the Harrah chain, and in fact, throughout Vegas, because if it is,…… it’s a ‘whopping’ rip-off!

Nobody can adequately explain to me how they can give me a room for $40 one night, and then bump it up to 4 times that amount for the same room, on another night!………. It stinks!……… and Vegas was much better when “the mob’ ran it 30 years ago!

Keep Up The Good Work,

Bob, from Australia

Ted Responds:

Lots of things to factor in here. Harrah’s bought Bill’s Gambling Hall (formerly Barbary Coast) and they may have a different way they factor prices. They have the muscle to capitalize on promoting the location to people who play at all of their casinos across the United States. More demand for Bill’s equals higher rates.

Per weekend rates, it truly is supply and demand. No different than the airlines. Mid-weeks are still a bit soft here and the dirt cheap rates help fill up the rooms during the soft days.

Many things can impact higher mid-week rates. If a huge convention (or quite a few smaller conventions) are in town, that leads to more demand and higher rates and in fact cause mid-week rates to spike up to same as a weekend rate would be.

My advice:

1. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, look at what rooms are running on different weeks. They will fluctuate. Pick a time to come when the rates are lower if possible.

2. Re-examine your loyalty to Bill’s. The company that ran it when you started staying there no longer even owns the place. Nothing against the new owners at all, but also nothing forcing you to be loyal to them. Harrah’s Las Vegas (the hotel, ironically the same company) has a great locations and are priced just a little more. Bally’s Las Vegas is just across the street from Bill’s and I’m showing it as generally running a little less than Bills. You can also check out hotel deals on our Las Vegas Deals and Savings page1

3. Did you know that you can arrange a room tour at a hotel you are considering staying at next trip? Understandably, booking a week at a hotel you’ve never been to can cause you to play it safe and stay at the same place over and over again. Literally stop by the front desk or concierge desk and say “I’m a regular visitor and I usually stay at XYZ hotel, but would like to look at options for next trip. Is there a way I can view a regular room here?” They can often schedule a time someone will take and show you one. This especially should be a big help for those of you traveling 12-28 hours (or more) and stay for a long stretch. You don’t want to end up stuck with a room you hate!

Hope this helps,

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Hotels – Weekday vs. Weekend Rates and What Weeks Are Cheaper?”

  1. The Venetian is a hotel I’ve been curious about, but have never stayed there, When I asked about seeing one of their rooms, the desk person seemed to treat the request as extraordinally odd and said, “no”, I never did see a room and so I just continue to stay at Belaggio or The Mirage. I visit 2-3 times every year, but the Venetian will not get my business until they wise up. Why should I “buy a pig-in-a-poke”?

  2. Maybe some policies have changed. I’ll do some double-checking on the ability to see what a room looks like.

    In the meantime, a tip: go to and do a search for

    hotel name room

    for example

    venetian las vegas room

    You’ll find numerous videos people have made and posted for almost every hotel!

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