Las Vegas New Years Eve Hotel Rooms Cost Too Expensive

Watched the Las Vegas New Year’s Eve festivities on TV last night/this morning-sooo many people! Yet, it was reported, that the hotels were bemoaning the fact that not as many people came as were expected! I know you don’t control the hotel industry there, but why did the hotels persist in charging $2-500 per night even when they weren’t full? Also, if you were out and about on New Years Eve – could one even get a place to play at a table or a slot machine on the strip or downtown? How long did you have to stand in line to get seated at a restaurant? We love Las Vegas, but it just sounded like tooooo much – too much people and too much money to be enjoyable for New Year’s Eve. What was your impression? As always we appreciate your fair and honest reviews – wish we could clone you for this sort of a report for a few of our other favorite destinations!!! Happy Y2K – Jean Haka, Waukesha WI

Ted Responds:

There were rumors of people having trouble getting reservations at the nicer hotel restaurants and lines are always long during peak times like New Years Eve, Comdex, holiday weekends and the like. If anyone was here and wants to comment about the food or gaming availability, drop a line to [email protected] However, with hotels at only 85% occupancy, it probably wasn’t as bad as Memorial Day when the town is filled to the brim.

Count us among those unhappy with the price gouging. Las Vegas has always been a town where you get more for your money, and the hotels shot themselves in the foot with the high prices. Those of us who book rooms actually took a beating. I got a few reservations at the outrageous prices, but would have been much happier doing truckloads of reservations and making the same amount while getting more people to town. The hotels set the rates, not us. Our best advertising is word of mouth: you come to Las Vegas, have fun, and tell your friends.

Las Vegas wasn’t the only destination that got stung by greed. At you can read how hotels around the U.S. failed to meet projections. Another great article on how damaging this was for Las Vegas is at “New Year’s greed” –




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