Las Vegas Slots Are Too Tight, When Will The Casinos Wake Up?

After all the comments of slots being tightened, meals too high priced,unfriendly casino employees,and resort fees,my wife and I were ready to try Vegas again. BUT then we just talked to some people at our local casino that just returned from Vegas. The conversation was how all casinos are tightening payouts, but these folks said “If you think its bad here in Illinois, it’s nothing compared to Las Vegas. They have been regular Vegas goers for years and now say they will never return. It has changed my wife’s and my decision to return.

When are the casino’s going to learn that the majority of people going to Vegas on a regular basis go there to play the slots?

If the return on slots is so bad that it is no fun anymore the people will eventually stop playing them. The casinos in Illinois have noticed a dramatic drop in slot play, and when you talk to people at the casino’s its always the same complaint, they have reduced the payouts to a point where there is no hope anymore. No hope means No fun, which in turn means we quit playing.

Other things mentioned by the couple that just returned from Vegas were casino’s were dirty, food too expensive, unfriendly employees, and lack of comps.

I hope the casinos wake up before it’s too late.

Ted Responds:

Not much I can add to that. Casino employees who should be happy to just have a job need to brush up on their customer service. I disagree about the expensive food. Bargains still abound (especially downtown). A celeb chef restaurant is going to be expensive anywhere in the country.

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Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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  1. My last three trips to LV wre 2003, 2005 and 2006. My wife and I haven’t been back since. In 2006 a long time before the GFC hit the slots were so tight that afte three days we stopped playing and went to the penny machines, something we had never done before. Possible the wrench was broght out becasue of the ticket in ticket out new systems. That in itself may have sounded the death knell to the slots. All but one of our 12 trips were downtown and yes we do miss it. Will check out Singapore later this year.

  2. The food is too expensive, we are world travelers now residing here and know of which we speak. Over-rated and overpriced, just like most of the shows. The West End has better and cheaper shows. As for tight slots, yes!!!!! they are, we went to Main Street to visit with relatives there from out of town, no fun, all night was just lose lose lose. I sure am glad we didn’t fly here to throw our money in those machines. Maybe the casino help is surly if they have to share their tips, that would make me cranky. I agree with the Illinois folks, I am here only cause I live here.

  3. PS I miss the real money in real money out machines too, I would rather carry a bucket of quarters than just those stupid no-fun tickets!

  4. I just came back in June from there and was surprised at how much the cost of food has gone up along the strip. I don’t go to the celeb restaurants so it was just little places or fast food and it cost more than years before for less service. Also too the machines were tighter than normal. Couldn’t catch a cocktail waitress to save my soul. I still enjoy it out there but my budget won’t allow the usual 2 trips now.

  5. The last time I was in Vegas,I hit a jackpot in Harrahs for $1,600.00 on a dollar machine.When the person who was going to pay me arrived,he was escorted by one of their maintenance personal,who in a shocked voice ask “how did you win that much money”.He then went to the slot machine and said to the person paying,”oh he hit it on a bonus”.He then left the area.At that time I felt slighted that had they brought a maintenance man to perhaps check the machine to see if I had cheated the casino.I feel that the casino was shocked, as well as suspicious that anyone could win that amount on their tight slots.I spent over $500.00 of the $1600.00 in their casino on other slots, and won nothing to speak of.

  6. I don’t care how tight the slots are, I go to Vegas to eat, see the shows, and have other fun.
    Last year 6 of us went (ladies from 55-80) and we had a blast and did not gamble hardly at all.
    We saw Cher and Mac King, two excellent shows.
    Two years prior we saw Celine, Elton John.
    Two years prior to that we saw Barry Manilow and Wayne Newton.
    We try to go every two years and live it up seeing the shows. They may only be 90 minutes but create a lasting memory.

  7. I don’t where the above people were playing, but I have just returned from 8 days in Las Vegas, my wife and I had a great time saw three shows and had many of our meals comped and we are not high rollers by any means, we just play in our favorite casinos,use the free shuttles, the buses and never use a taxi, as for tight slots we did not experience that, in fact we can back with more money than we took with us,enough that I’m happy to say I purchased a new 46″ LED TV, I also did very well on the blackjack table and the craps table. I love Las Vegas and will always go back.

  8. Oh,Please! Las Vegas is a great city. The resturants are not any pricier than any other large city. Actually, I have found them less expensive. I love the food-always delicious and presented beautifully. The casinos always treat me very well, including the employees. They are very friendly,very accomodating and with a ready smile. I have witnessed them dealing with some less than pleasant guests and wonder how they handle them with so much kindness.
    Also, I have been to Vegas 3 times this year and am ready to book my fourth trip. I usually stay at the Venetian or the Palazzo. All three trips I had a blast with the slots, winning-loosing and breaking even. The slots were plenty loose. I can think of no place to go for more fun or entertainment. The shows are spectactular-well worth the ticket prices. I love Las Vegas!!!!

  9. For once in my life, I can be the optimist. I was in Vegas the first weekend in August and had a great time. I play mostly blackjack and poker and try the occasional slot machine to hit the big payout. My first night after a couple hours of blackjack, before heading to the room for some shuteye, I decided to try a $5 machine. I stuck $15 in and decided no matter the outcome, one pull and I was done. Three Blue 7’s later, I cashed out $250 and went to sleep happy. I enjoyed some great food deals the next couple days, including an incredible prime rib dinner at TI’s coffee house one night, and a $5 burger, fries and shake at Bill’s Victorian room. Just before leaving, I stuck $100 into a $1 Wheel of Fortune machine and after several bonus spins, I cashed out $600. I was glad the slots were finally loosening up and came home already trying to plan the next trip. I love Vegas and will definitely be back again and again.

  10. Looking forward to my trip in November and hope I do not find the service poor (I can handle loosing but please take my money with a smile). I have always thought the cost of food, shows and amusement very fair for the most part. I guess I do not expect freebies and cheap food just because you are in Vegas. I didn’t make it out to Vegas in 09 but 2008 we killed them on video poker (we don’t play slots) and came back big winners. They didn’t make Vegas on winners-I guess I expect to loose most of the time and people can have bad trips to any casino. Love to win and all I ask for is to let me loose slowly. I just hope I do not run into poor service and dirty casino’s-please take my money with a little class:)

  11. Casino’s in Ontario are the same. Payouts have been cut way back. Yet they complain they are loosing money. “Maybe because they are loosing customers?”
    We are going to spend our 51st anniversary on Freemont St.(a new experience). I sure hope we have better luck there.

    P.S. I too do not like tickets.

  12. I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba and up here we have two casinos in our city. They are so tight and so crummy that I decided five years on a new gambling approach: Put away the money I would have otherwise played at our lousy joints every time I had the urge. After every year of doing that, I took my loot and went to Vegas (downtown is tops in my book, by the way!) and had a blast.

    I would still have to agree that the Vegas casinos have tightened ‘er up over the years but compared to what I see here, I can’t (and won’t) whine about it, even though nailing a Royal has become quite the challenge these days!!

  13. Hi
    my family and i are coming to LV on Sept 9th iam a bit of a gambler and love slots after reading comments it has dampened my excitement. I know i will lose my money but was hoping for a few hours worth of entertainment surly the machines are regulated and must be set at a reasonable win percentage or is no longer the case.

  14. I absolutely agree. We visited Vegas in August and my impression was very similar to the folks above.
    Still, I find people in the city to be friendly as per hotel and casino employees, indeed they did not seem to be enjoying their jobs.. precisely.
    I am lucky to be a world-wide traveler, an one thinks that in cities like Paris, New York, tourism has to be treated impecably., in Vegas the tourism industry in general has to be aware of this problem and somehow it´s been overlooked. Remember what happens when issues don´t get solved….they become problems. I hope that this wouln´t be the case because I celebrate and love Vegas.

  15. We are always told to play the maximum amount on slots. That means on some “penny” slots, you must deposit $2.40-$6.00! Bring back the quarter and nickel slot machines. These so called penny machines suck!

    There are plenty of bargains on food, you just need to look for them. In Vegas, you never just stay in one place anyway.

    It is still the greatest vacation spot in the world. Lots to see and do both in Vegas and the surrounding areas.

    As for rude employees, that can happen anywhere. Bad things can always happen, it is how the situation is handled afterwards that matters. We have had many many, many employees who have gone above and beyond to help us out.

  16. Let me address some of these comments individually. Are the slots tighter? Perhaps they are, but let’s be realistic, everyone knows you can not beat the slots. You play them for entertainment. If your are not winning, don’t play. No one is there twisting your arm to put money in a slot machine.

    Are the restaurants over-rated and overpriced? Some are indeed, but there are many, many off strip that offer tremendous value. If you stay only on the strip, you are going to pay strip prices. That is no different then in any major city. However,try to find the splendid dining experiences Las Vegas has to offer in most US cities. You won’t find that diversification and excellence. The so called world travelers don’t seem inclined to explore what their new city has to offer. They are missing a great deal.

    Are the shows overpriced? Yes they are and the answer to that is simple. There are people willing to pay the price. When demand is not there, the prices will go down. Until such a time, the shows will charge what ever the market will allow. That is the way of life. Get used to it.

    Okay, who am I? Some LV marketing exec. Hardly, just a
    retired citizen who enjoys LV 6 to 8 times per year and loves every minute of it. Viva Las Vegas!

  17. PS By the way Susan, if you want real money out machines, they have them at the Eastside Cannery. I am surprised a world traveler such as yourself has not discovered them.

  18. Agree totally about slots getting tight. We live in “Indian casino country” and they are tight too. Seems the days of big payouts are long gone. We have mostly switched to penny machines. At least your money lasts a little longer, you can have some fun, and mostly break even if not a huge profit. I actually came home breaking even on all my playing money, only because I am so anal about pocketing my profits! (can’t say same for hubby, though….) As a side note, last month was my 10th Vegas trip and I was shocked to find single ride bus fare up to $5!. My husband and I took the monorail to Sahara and walked to the next bus stop to go to Fremont Street. The sign on the post still shows the old prices, but the surly bus driver kept pointing to his sign – $5.00. It would have cost us $20 round trip! We got off the bus and took the monorail back to our hotel (we definitely take advantage of the 24 hour pass – air conditioning and very little wait). We used to use the city bus, but since we go a lot in August, the waits in the hot sun got interminable! I usually do extensive homework before a Vegas trip. How did I miss this massive increase?

  19. I visit the local Stations Casinos, and have noticed that the slots, particulary the “Wheel of Fortune” machine I prefer are paying out much less. And like the above post, it has limited my play. When I would play for an hour and lose forty bucks at least I had fun doing it, no it eats my twenty in ten minutes, and the bonus spins are limited to 20 and 30 quarter payout. Haven’t gotten more than that in months. They must think no one will notice

  20. Slots typically have a 3% to 5% house advantage. Why play them? You can easily find other games with a house advantage of less than 1%. This would include Black Jack, Video Poker and Craps. You’ll have to do some research on what casino have have the favorable games and learn a basic strategy for each game, but the information is free on internet.

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