Las Vegas Trip Report – Bad Rooms At Excalibur, Stratosphere, ACE Bus, Won $800, Will Be Back!

I have just returned from my 12th trip to your fine city, however I have a few gripes this time. I find that when we arrive at your hotel we normally get rotten rooms. The last three times it has happened, for example 2 years ago in Stratosphere we were booked months in advance and flying from Scotland, we arrived at 1am after about 17 hours of traveling to get a room on floor 3 of the old tower, the other one was remodeled, with a view of a wall! I went to the desk in the morning and we got put on floor 23 of the new tower but we had to pay extra.

This time it was Excalibur, we did get free upgrades but the lady at check in was not very forthcoming when I asked about higher rooms. Do we get looked over because we are not Americans, have you got any tips. We do stay for 10 nights every time, our rooms in Excaliber were lovely but the maids were hopeless. We used to leave our rooms at 8am and returned around 4pm to get changed, most days they had not done our rooms by then and a few days I got missed altogether.

I did enjoy the ace bus, always ended up sitting next to an interesting american person, although the aces at fremont street seemed to always take an age to arrive.

Nevermind I still love Vegas, its in my blood, and I will return next year.

Lorna Ballantine

Ps I won $800 on penny slots!

Ted Responds:

First of all, being from another doesn’t get you any better or worse treatment in Las Vegas. In fact, the Las Vegas tourism industry is very aware how valuable our international visitors are. Arrival time does matter into what kind of room you get. The hotels want everyone to have the best experience possible. They aren’t going to put you in a bad room or room facing a wall unless they have to and simply are pretty much all out of rooms. The earlier you arrive, the better room you are likely to get.

If you have no choice to but arrive late at night and you are staying a week or longer, by all means go to the front desk and point out the length of your stay and simply note “We’re staying a long time and going to be spending quite a bit of money here and it is really unpleasant to be stuck with a (note room inadequacies) room “. You’ll have the best chance of getting moved on Sunday middle-of-the-day when the weekend guests have cleared out and the weekday guests have not yet arrived. Getting moved on a Friday or Saturday will be pretty difficult as the hotel will generally be full.

Tipping at check-in still often (but not always… it is a gamble) helps get a better room. You fold up a $20 bill and hand it to the with your ID and credit card so they can see it (especially the denomination) and say “Is there anything available on a higher floor with a view or a nicer room?” If they do something for you, they keep the money. If not, they will return it or refuse to take it. In your case, I’d start by saying “We’ve come all the way from Scotland and are staying X amount of days and this is a special trip for us” and then ask about a higher floor or better room.

At the very worst, they will refuse to take your money and offer the upgrade if you pay for it.

There is no excuse for poor maid service. If they miss even one day, call the front desk and tell them that you have a maid issue and want to talk to a housekeeping manager or supervisor and complain to them. If the problem persists, go to the front desk and tell them that you have a housekeeping issue and that you’ve discussed it with housekeeping with no resolution and you need to talk to a hotel manager. I also wouldn’t shy away from asking that you be compensated a room night for the inconvenience at that point.

Congrats on the nice jackpot. Thanks for reading as we’ll continue to help you prepare for your next trip. Please tell our friends who like Vegas to subscribe as well!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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  1. I have requested rooms with a view at check in and still ended up overlooking a parking garage. HOWEVER the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I have always come back to the checkin desk and since we always stay more then one night there has never been a problem with getting relocated. There have been instances of having to have a slightly different sleeping arrangements, such as 2 double beds instead of 1 queen. This has been at happened at every Casino not just one in particular. The Casinos usually want you to stay and play at their place, not go wondering off into the night!

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