Las Vegas Trip Report Golden Nugget Downtown Las Vegas

Janice and David Haynes wrote:

My husband and I (we are from New York), spent a week in Vegas last month, staying downtown at the Golden Nugget, which has always been our favorite place to stay. We met his parents out there, who are from Florida, and did a lot of buffets, as that is their favorite places to eat when there. We found the Rio Seafood Buffet, the Mirage, and the Golden Nugget to be excellent fare, versus the cost in each instance. We also went to the Main Street Station and found it to be very mediocre. I do admit that we did not go there on their seafood night, so perhaps it may have been better, but I would not spend the money again to find out, when I know the quality of other places. As always, Stefanos in the Golden Nugget for one of our “regular dinners” was excellent!

This was our first time to see the Bellagio (stayed for 4 of the fountain shows – it was fantastic), the Venetian (only checked out the outside, as well as Paris,) and did a side day trip to see the Star Trek Experience and found it to be one of the best motion rides we have ever been on. We also loved the museum portion; true Star Trek fans could spend hours in here. Our favorite thing was the visit to Quark’s Bar afterwards – great drinks, great snacks and great atmosphere with the characters sitting in the bar and talking with everyone. I kicked myself all the way back to the Golden Nugget for forgetting my camera!!! However, I couldn’t get over how dead the casino of the Las Vegas Hilton was – if there was 20 people in there, that was a lot….

As always, the Golden Nugget’s rooms were roomy, tastefully decorated, and we were in the North Tower which is closer to the casino. We never had to wait for an elevator, which has been a negative experience in the past when we have been in the South Tower. Our favorite thing in being downtown, was the fewer numbers of children being in the hotels and casinos; we love kids…just not on our vacations in Vegas!! Take them to Disneyworld where they belong. I have had my fill of having my ankles run over by strollers in the past and expect it there; but in Las Vegas I applaud the efforts of the hotels limiting access to children.

We love the glitter of the strip, but always felt like we were “home” when we came back downtown at night. We can’t wait until our next trip in May!

Overall, we had a great trip and appreciate the information posted in this newsletter, as it helped us make decisions about some of the things we did during the week. keep up the great work!!