Las Vegas Trip Report: Visit Often, Loved Terry Fator, Didn’t Like CityCenter At All

Just returned from a 9 day stay in Vegas. Went to CityCenter twice. What a total waste of money. This was obviously built for the filthy rich. It looks too antiseptic. A long walk to everything. Walk through the Bellagio stores. They are close together and there are plenty of people around. You are not uncomfortable entering any store. Not like that in CityCenter. It is like entering a hospital or morgue! Last few days we crossed the street to avoid the place. No desire to ever stay there, gamble there or shop there. This is no place for a working man or woman. A total waste of money and space.

On the other hand, I was very impressed with the changes to the Tropicana. It is roomy, bright and inviting as are the workers. What a wonderful place!

If you have not yet seen Terry Fator — what are you waiting for? He is the 11’th wonder of the world. What talent! He is amazing! There is no entertainer like him. Worth every penny.

Been to Vegas at least once a year for over 20 years. It is the best city in the world.

John from
Swanton, VT

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the great feedback! I concur with some of your CityCenter statements. And it isn’t just a “for the rich” thing. Bellagio is “for the rich” but like you said, it just has a great feel to it.

We’re heard numerous reports of people who are staying at CityCenter actually cancel the rest of their reservations and move over to Bellagio.

CityCenter (MGM Grand) CEO wanted to bring New York to Las Vegas. He thought that “trashy” Vegas needed New York City class. Time will tell. I will say this: Few are lukewarm about it. Either they absolutely love the recreated city feel, or they find it abrasive and won’t be returning.

Tropicana is going to be just amazing. They have a great management team and are doing something that I’ve suggested Las Vegas could use for most of the 17 years I’ve lived here: Go for a true South Beach feel.

Thanks so much for the report. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

5 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Visit Often, Loved Terry Fator, Didn’t Like CityCenter At All”

  1. I totally agree i walked by but not in the city center. It is over the top but worst of all it blocks out the view of the strip on the south west side.

  2. Completely agree about City Center, felt completely out of place while I was there. The only reason I will ever go there again is to see Viva Elvis, we were there in May and loved it and plan on seeing it again when we are there in December.

  3. John, Ted,

    I have been a frequent visitor for the past 20 years also (2-3/year). I stayed at Aria for the first time during March Madness. My first impression was one of admiration of the grandeur of the scale and modern design/ammenities, defineatley a new “wow factor” bar had been established for me. After the 4 day stay the “wow bar” had not been raised in all categories especially the most important one, would I stay there again (probably not while top strip rates are being offered – Staying at Encore in August!). I came away with similar conclusions. Long walks to get to and around the property. Too many choices for clubs and restuarants. I was searching for the descriptor that really summed it up best and although as Ted points out and I agree with him the city theme with euro influence is accomplished very well but it still came across as “Antiseptic” (good descriptor)to me also. It maybe lacking individaul character or a Vegas feel/theme. I walked away feeling I had been to an opulent Euro casino not an over the top Vegas experience. Something like an Elvis theme form their feature show throughout would be a start. As Ted always points out in his comments customer service is still the key/king. I was sitting at one of the bar’s in the casino playing video poker and a couple walked up next to me and expressed to the bartender it was their birthday (expecting a free drink). The bartender responded with “sorry with the amount of debt City Center has, and he quoted a number, expections on us are really high to turn a profit to cover the inetest alone.” What a downer for the couple. I left immediately and went to another casino with more positive energy also. Can’t wait to see the Tropicanna changes also.


  4. Behemuth…bigger is not always better…we were exhausted just walking in, so we left.

  5. We were in vegas in February and saw the Terry Fator show. We were in the front row and loved every minute of his show. He was so kind and thankful to the audience. Loved how he was outside the theater to meet with all the people that came to see him. Will see him again in August.

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