Sam’s Town Las Vegas Hotel Casino: Friendly People, Few Children

Gloria from Ohio wrote:

Just got back from Vegas, and wanted to add my two cents on the Paris. It stinks, literally! What is that foul odor outside? It sure ruined the beauty on the outside of the Casino! We hurried inside and proceeded to lose a fair sum of money. Did hit on a machine, but on the rest, we got little or no return on our money. We also did not like the cobblestone walkway, seems like an accident waiting to happen. Personally we like more room to move around, it is a very crowded casino. We’ve stayed at several hotels on the strip, but keep going back to Sam’s Town, where the people are friendly, not many children, and there is room to move.

Las Vegas Trip Report Luxor Hotel

Jean Haka of Waukesha, WI wrote:

Just returned on the red-eye this morning from a wonderful 3-day visit to Las Vegas.

Stayed at the Luxor – beautiful hotel, nice size, not too big but big enough. Beautiful, clean, quiet rooms, too. (we were in East wing – many fast elevators!) Friendly staff, good food. Kids enjoyed the video/upstairs area.

Visited as many of hotels/casinos as possible. Kids enjoyed the Adventuredome at Circus Circus but not overly enthused with it! What they did really enjoy was the Lance Burton show. We (hubby and myself) had seen Lance many years ago at Hacienda before he was “famous”. We thought we’d maybe be disappointed with a “big” showroom etc, but were not. Again really enjoyed the show – but get seats on the main level – it’s worth the extra $. Kids were amazed with big hotels – ParisTreasure Island (loved their video room)/Mirage, Monte Carlo, MGM etc just to name a few. Enjoyed the Lion Habitat and Pirate show. We arrived early for Pirate show at TI and got a seat at the Battle Bar – it was worth it! Arrive at least 1 hour B4 next show. Coca Cola was also fun – got 2 coupons off the internet.

Too many things we didn’t get to see – the kids want to go back. It was fun to be there with them, too. I do think that Las Vegas is still a mostly adult venue, but can be done with kids IF you/adult realize that you’ll be sacrificing your “freedom” to do what you want, when you want. Also, the folks that hand out the literature on the streets were very respectful as to not hand us any materials when with the kids – do appreciate that!!!!

Just our thoughts – keep all your good information coming! Glad to hear Wayne Newton is “back”. My daughter – age 10 years – wants to see his show! I’m not complaining!

Las Vegas Trip Reports

Dave Dore or Vancouver B.C. wrote:

Just came back from Vegas. My wife and I and another couple stayed at Monte Carlo, great hotel and casino. The only thing I didn’t like is that they don’t track your club Monte Carlo points on the $.25 Wheel of Fortune slot machines unlike other casinos. I have to give the Buffet at Mandalay Bay a 10 out of 10 for good food and good service. We checked out all the new casinos, Paris, Mandalay Bay, and the Venetian, although they are all very classy we still had the most fun downtown Fremont street.

Rod Guizzetti from Michigan wrote:

Just got home from Vegas & they are now dealing single deck B/J @ the Four Queens. Also single decks @ Westward Ho, Stratosphere, some @ Stardust, and of course Horseshoe. We loved the inside of the Venetian but Paris takes the scenery of the two on the outside. Going back in April. Stayed at the Hard Rock & the pool area was gorgeous & the young staff were all very friendly to us older folks. Would stay there again but the week-ends are packed with young people 18-30. Thanks!

Visiting Laughlin, Nevada from Las Vegas

We want to thank you for recommending the Wax Museum at Venetian Hotel. It was a real highlight of our short time in Vegas. Also a beautiful casino and the Grand Canal ride was a nice touch. Bellagio and Paris also beautiful. We were part of a tour so we did not have the time we would have liked but since we were there 3 years ago, they sure put up a lot of new casinos. Just a word on Laughlin, I feel that you only need a day trip there and I understand that the area is not doing that well. Transportation from casino to casino by bus or shuttle might be a good idea.

Lucille & Bob Olsen

Ted Responds:

From time to time, we are asked about Laughlin information. We do have a page of great Laughlin links at but our newsletter really is focused on just Las Vegas. However, we do hear regular reports about how cheap the rooms are and how easy comps are to come by. Also, Laughlin is about 10 degrees warmer in the winter. It’s not uncommon for Laughlin to have “pool weather” even in very late fall and early spring.




CEO/Managing Editor

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Dissapointing Trip To Las Vegas

Having just returned from another visit to Las Vegas, I wanted to pass on a few thoughts. I have read, with interest, your and your readers views on various aspects of Vegas, so here’s mine:

Paris…… I found it delightful! The atmosphere was friendly, the slots available, and the scenery outstanding. I found the Mime and the Stilt walker in the foyers to be very entertaining. The slots were no closer together than seem of the other casinos, and the outfits worn by the waitresses, security, etc. were very authentic appearing costumes. And just that, costumes. The only restaurant I tried was the Cafe just off the Casino floor and it was excellent. From reading your reviews, I was expecting a great deal less and was pleasantly surprised.

Flamingo Hilton….. This has been our mainstay for the past couple of years. The $48 casino rate was too good to pass. Even though we’ve tried the newer Hotels, we came back to the Flamingo. Not again! Using the VIP check in at 1 in the afternoon on a Monday, we waited in line for 40 minutes (the regular line was far longer with only two desk clerks working). I was told that the room would not be ready until 3. At 3:30, I waited in another line for my room key for 35 minutes only to be told that room still wasn’t clean and it wouldn’t be available until after 5.

Cocktail waitresses in the casino areas were non-existent. Refills on the slots took way too long and the friendliness we had experienced in the past seemed gone. The Flamingo has replaced dozens of reel slots in the front area with the newer video ones. Much to the dismay of many of the slot players we visited with while playing. In obtaining a “comp” ticket for the buffet we learned that “comps” are now deducted from your point total. I guess that means there are no comps.

All in all the trip was great, again. But next time, the $69 casino rate at the Monte Carlo gets our business. 

Jim Depew

Opening Reader Review Of Paris Las Vegas

Tedd Adamek wrote:

We just returned from Las Vegas and checked out all the new casinos there. We are avid readers of your newsletter and benefited from much of it. The one thing we disagree with you on is the Paris Casino. Of course, it was fabulous from the outside but the inside was a pure delight. It wasn’t dark like the Bellagio and the dealers at the table games were more pleasant then any other casino. We stayed at the Monte Carlo and their dealers are like mummies. There’s nothing worse then losing your money to people you dislike. We found that the nicest dealers were at the Paris, Mandalay Bay, Stratosphere and Tropicana. You can’t guarantee winning but you should be able to be treated like you are paying their salaries because you are. Keep up the newsletter.


Ted Responds:

Thanks for the input. We have not played table games at Paris and appreciate hearing about your pleasant experience. This past Sunday, we visited Venetian, Bellagio and Paris within 2 hours of each other and we personally prefer the softer-lit casinos like the Bellagio and Paris. But for those who prefer a very high ceiling and a brightly lit atmosphere, Paris is it.




CEO/Managing Editor

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Las Vegas Is A Great Place To Bring Children With Many Activities!

Janet O’Bryan writes:

Las Vegas is a great place to take children if you (a) plan ahead, and (b) consider the child’s (or children’s) interests while you’re planning.

I took my son, daughter-in-law and six-year-old grandson to Vegas for a week in April. Instead of staying at a casino hotel, we stayed at a condo off the strip. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a full kitchen. We grocery-shopped the day we arrived, buying only breakfast food, snacks and soft drinks. We had no intention of wasting time doing any actual cooking!

Not only did we not run out of fun stuff for a kid (and his/her adult companions) to do, several activities will have to wait for a future trip (Red Rock Canyon, the Rio Parade in the Sky, Lied Children’s Museum, Circus Circus Adventuredome). We just ran out of time!

Here’s what my grandson, Conor, saw in Vegas:

MGM Grand Theme Park
Mirage Volcano
Pirate Battle
Motion Simulation Rides at Luxor
Shops at Excalibur
Coca Cola and M&Ms exhibits
Stratosphere Tower
Star Trek Experience and Quark’s Restaurant
Fremont Street (light show, parade, bands, shops)
Natural History Museum
Valley of Fire State Park
Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden
Hoover Dam

You can see there’s a wide range here. Conor loved everything, including swimming in the condo’s pool. He was most disappointed about not getting to see Red Rock Canyon.

I loving visiting Vegas alone, or with friends. When I do, I spend a lot of time gambling. Of course on the April trip I spent very little time gambling, but I enjoyed the trip a great deal, perhaps more than any other trip. I don’t mind that Steve Wynn doesn’t want children in Bellagio (in fact, I don’t blame him). I don’t think it would have been a highlight of Conor’s trip anyhow.

Kristine M. Munn writes:

This is in reference to the letter to the editor about children in Vegas (specifically in the Bellagio)…

I agree with the stance the Bellagio has taken. To begin with, I am not a kid fan. I don’t enjoy going someplace where I have to tolerate a bunch of out of control, undisciplined, crying, whining, brats. Furthermore, a casino is no place for children! What a horrible environment to subject our youth to. It’s no wonder we have so many problems with the younger generations of today. 

I miss the days of old when Las Vegas was a glamorous place where folks got dressed up to go out and everyone put on their best show. If you want to be casual and go souvenir shopping go to the beach! Las Vegas is a playground for adults – it’s not meant for children! 

Give your children something to look forward to when they are older – don’t give them everything now. Take them to Disney World when they’re 12 and take them to Las Vegas when they’re 21! I’m sure everyone would appreciate it.

If you have to bring your children to Vegas, there is plenty to do besides visiting the casinos. There’s Red Rock, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, shopping malls, amusement parks, museums, water parks, movie theaters,etc. etc.

Happy That Bellagio Las Vegas Does Not Allow Children

Virginia Calcagno writes:

A few years ago I was playing roulette when I looked over my shoulder. A little boy was looking very sad while his father was losing at roulette. I wanted to ‘punch’ the father for exposing his son to HIS activity.  The little boy should have been enjoying himself..after all it was his vacation too.

Kit Lindsay writes:


Your newsletter was forwarded to me to enjoy this morning. I read the letter of complaint about the Bellagio Hotel, and I have to say that my wife and I like the fact that no children are allowed in there. I have always felt that children do NOT belong in a casino, and I remember the first time I was at the Crystal Palace in Nassau, Bahamas and I was horrified that youngsters were sitting at blackjack tables with their parents. This one child was egging his father on and really annoying every one else. I do not plan to go back there.

Back to the original subject, I actually don’t think children belong in Vegas at all. My wife and I go there to be in an adult area with other adults and we really get tired of the people that don’t control their kids and the general bad attitude of the kids that are there. I applaud Bellagio for their policy, even if I am not a high enough roller to stay there. We usually stay at the Hilton or the Palace Station depending on why we are there. We are both in our 30?s and we have no children.

To the families that have children and want to vacation, I say go to Orlando. That is a place that caters to kids and the people that feel compelled take them on vacation. You won’t find much decadence there. Leave Las Vegas (the adult playground) to the adults. Who knows, if you visit without your kids you might understand what I mean.

J.K. Williams writes:

As for the Bellagio, I have been a guest there and thoroughly enjoyed the “adult” atmosphere. I didn’t pay $400 a night; I actually found a deal on their website and paid $89 a night and felt it would have been worth $400! I was treated with the utmost respect and found the casino and hotel personnel more than friendly. And, when I saw them turning away folks with children at the door, there didn’t seem to be anything rude about it. They simply stated that Bellagio didn’t allow unregistered children in the hotel/casino. That’s not being rude, that’s stating facts. And I distinctly remember several signs about this on the walk up to Bellagio, so this family should not have felt surprised.

Enjoy your reviews very much!

Ted Responds:

Editor’s note: We are going to close the book on this subject for now as I’m sure the running debate could go on forever. Whenever you hear the subject of children in 1) movie theatres, 2) fine restaurants, 3) airplanes, et. al., every single parent says “But my Johnny is a wonderful, perfect child who is well behaved at all times. It is other parents who can’t control their children.”

However, children do get tired and cranky. They run off. Just yesterday we saw a mother and a 6 year old watching grandma play a slot machine. The mothers attention was diverted for a moment, the child walked over next to grandma, and security swooped in. It only takes a moment to lose sight of your younger children, and you wouldn’t want that to be the last you saw of them. Security does their best, but more often than not they can’t swoop right in to catch a child running off or in an inappropriate area.

The glitter of Las Vegas attracts many transients and others with a “less-than-stellar” reputation. Bring your hubby or wife, leave the kids with grandma, and really enjoy the distractions that make Las Vegas one of the most romantic getaways in the world.




CEO/Managing Editor

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Should You Bring Your Kids To Las Vegas?

Colleen Stalberger writes:

My husband and I go to Vegas as often as we can. We have a 15 year old son that would enjoy some of what Vegas has to offer but we do not take him on these trips. I don’t feel that Vegas is a place for children ever. We stay clear of the Casinos that cater to children and do not stay at any the the “Family” Hotels. We expect kids at Disneyland but Vegas is not where they belong. You can’t walk around the streets without begin handed literature on X rated shows and magazines are on every street corner.

Kids are great and we will enjoy taking our son when he is 21. Until then he will have to make do with a t-shirt.

Dave Lenhart (Father of 2) writes:

I realize that the natural tendency is to try and incorporate your children into a family vacation to Las Vegas. However, you were quite correct in saying that most of the casino’s in L.V. recognize that the “big” money is made from married couples without children and single people. I think that people get caught up in the idea that Las Vegas is a place for fun and games. But one must realize that these are ADULT “games” that children are barred from playing. I do agree with Bellagio management for barring children from the casino floor. It’s not the appropriate place for them.  Trust me, there are PLENTY of places to go in L.V that children would have a great time(Circus Circus Midway/Wet and Wild/Stratosphere) The important fact I want to make here is this, Las Vegas is an ADULT fun place that is not designed nor intended for children under 21. Though the games may seem fun, there is a very real purpose for there existence, and it has nothing to do with the younger crowd.

Roy L.Flush writes:

Greetings; I’ve just read a letter from a person who complained about not being allowed into Bellagio with their children. I am always amazed by people who want to bring their kids with them to Vegas. If these people go to a bar or lounge ,do they bring their kids there, too? If mom and dad go put to see an R rated movie, do they expect their kids to be allowed in ? I go to Vegas 3 times a year. I don’t want to see kids there, they have no business there and I am glad to see the casinos going back to “you MUST be 21 to enter” policy. When my kids were young ,I would take the family to L.A. We took the kids with us to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal City, Magic Mountain and the San Diego Zoo. We left them with relatives when we went to Hollywood or Tijuana. Some places(Thank God!)are for adults only.

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Does Not Allow Children

My husband and I were out in Las Vegas with our 3 children for 3 weddings during the week of Aug. 13 – 20. We were visiting as many of the casinos we could during the time we were out there. We have heard so much about how beautiful the Bellagio Hotel and Casino were, that we just had to go see it. We were ALL disappointed that we were unable to get thru the front door. The door guard would not let us go into the casino, because we were UNREGISTERED GUESTS with children under 21.

We came all the way from Conn., and were NEVER treated like that by ANYONE. That is discrimination, and should NOT be tolerated..

There were 7 of us that had to turn around and exit the building. Do you know how hard it is to go anywhere this day and age with that many of us – we considered ourselves lucky that we were able to afford a trip to go anywhere. Here we had the opportunity to go to Lake Tahoe for a wedding there, and then Las Vegas, for 2 more weddings, and we were treated ROTTEN by the people of the Bellagio. There wasn’t any hotel and casino that we entered, and didn’t walk out without buying anything to remember our trip by, so we took our money and spent it at Caesar’s Palace.

I think they should drop that rule about unregistered guests not entering the building with children, and can it. There were other people, who were told the same thing, and they were quite unhappy being turned away like we were. My husband heard some senior citizen comment on how children shouldn’t be allowed in any of the casinos, and I think they should have shut their mouths. They were probably there because of all the discounts the hotels give to them. I would be out there more often if I could afford it, and given all the breaks they get.

I heard that the rooms start at $400 a night. For the amount of us that came – I will stick with the $30.00 a night room downtown, and not have to worry about how we were going to feed the rest of us during our stay. I hope that by the time we return to Las Vegas during the summer of 2000, that we will find that the Owners and Managers of the Bellagio, change their minds, and let anyone enter their shops and casinos.

All we heard was how Las Vegas was now Family Oriented – it certainly wasn’t that feeling with the Bellagio. Many of the other casinos made us feel welcome, and they would politely tell the children to step away from the slot machines if they got a little excited when the quarters came out if you hit. That is expected! Living in Conn. they don’t get to see that – it was new to them – you know, something they only saw on television..

That was their first REAL vacation, and the Bellagio didn’t leave a good impression on them.. They were fascinated with EVERYTHING they saw – except the Bellagio. If you gave these 3 children this BAD impression, think of all the others that got the same idea. Wise up, Bellagio owners – change the policy – don’t forget – these are future visitors to your State….

K. Johnson and Family


Ted Responds:

Thanks for the input. Many people have been in the same situation and share your concern.

Let me tell you where they are probably coming from. You may or may not agree, but these are the cold hard facts (I’m just the messenger – don’t shoot me – I’ll list Bellagio contact info at the bottom):

Bellagio was built for adults. While they were still in construction, they made it a point to note that this would be an adult resort. People with children don’t tend to gamble, and gift shop profits don’t keep the lights on. They are a gaming company. In fact, many of the casinos realize that they made a big mistake earlier this decade in their attempt to cater to families. Theme parks don’t turn a profit. Not like slot machines, anyway. This town has once again decided (for the most part) to leave the family tourism to Orlando. In fact, the advertising slogan for The Tropicana last year was “Rollers, Not Strollers.”

In addition, many of those who pay $200 or more a night to stay at Bellagio specifically do so because Bellagio is generally child free. They are happy to pay for the ambiance of adult surroundings. And Bellagio is happy to have them playing $25 to $100 (or more) a hand at blackjack and craps. These “higher rollers” do receive discount or free rooms.

We understand that in Atlantic City, one must be 21 to enter all gaming areas. So, what Bellagio is doing is not without precedence, but it is a different policy from other Las Vegas hotel casinos.

The above is our take on this situation. We are not associated with Mirage Resorts (their parent company) in any way. We encourage you to write them with your complaint and let us know their answer:

Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89177




CEO/Managing Editor

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