Reader Responses To Tipping In Las Vegas Article

John Strutt of Southey, SK, Canada writes in response to last week’s issue on tipping:

Good Day Ted,

Thanks for the great newsletter. My wife always plays nickels when we are in Vegas. I like beer (like most men) and we always tip $1 for each two beer the waitress brings. They seem very happy with the $1 and to tell you the truth, we never had to order a beer or ask for one. The waitress automatically brought them every 20 minutes or so. Now that’s service. I find this works in all casinos.

All the best,

Ted Responds:

Certainly you should do what works best for you. Our guidelines were general, but there is no question that service depends on the time of day, the caliber of the property, etc. A $1 tip for a couple is often not out of line as she is making one trip to get to both of you. If she makes it back before your glass sits empty long, she is happy and you are getting the level of service you tipped for. Thanks for the input!





CEO/Managing Editor

Gerald & Gloria Speen wrote:

Hello Ted,

We want to extend our thanks and compliment you for the excellent article on tipping. It  is the first practical, reasonable, down-to-earth schedule we have seen. It is fair and ties the size of the tips to the true service rendered. Too many times, the articles on tipping are too generous for the services provided or assume that the service is worth far more than it is. We were particularly pleased with your comments about buffets where the patron does all the work and the extent of the server’s effort was to bring you drinks. Also, tipping at the slots. We have seen huge tips recommended for the change person just because they happened to be in the neighborhood and nothing more.

Thanks for getting it straight.