Reviews Of Las Vegas Casino Architecture: Bellagio, Paris, Mandalay Bay, Venetian

David from Houston writes:

My comments about Las Vegas:

I go to Las Vegas every year. This year was to see the four new resort hotels. Two were disappointments, one was very nice, and the other one was simply stunning.

Bellagio: Architecture wise, this resort was not very appealing, the inside was just average, really nothing to justify the hype associated with it. The fountain show in the lagoon however was really nice. The classical piece of music fit the fountains perfectly. However, they need to only use that piece of music, I saw the fountain show three times, two times they had the classical music, and the last time they had this awful music titled ( Big Spender) it did not match the fountains at all, and was a total turn-off. I was not the only one dissatisfied by the music selection.

Paris: The Eiffel Tower was real nice looking especially at night all lit up. However that was the only nice thing about the appearance of the hotel. The inside had no architectural features. The ceiling was painted like the sky. That is fine if it is in a corridor like the forum shops in Caesars. However, having the whole ceiling painted like the sky seems a bit much. It seems like they wanted a cheap way out. There has been talk about it being cramped inside, only in certain places; otherwise I did not think it was too cramped. Anyway, certainly not one of the nicer resorts. One other thing which I did not like, at the crap table, the chips that were used also included Bally’s chips and vice versa. I thought that was really goofy. I guess they belong to the same corporation. But that was a negative that should be changed.

Mandalay Bay: The architecture inside was really nice, the ceilings had a lot of intricate moldings. The layout was really nice. The outside I did not see, I walked through the Luxor walkway. The people that worked there were real friendly. Very nice place.

Venetian: Simply stunning. I could not believe the architecture outside. It really did look like Venice. Everything was on a grand scale, even the walkway to the wax museum. The inside entry to check in made my jaw drop. Without a doubt, the most beautiful resort in LAS VEGAS. The ceiling architecture was very nice. The ceiling above the stairway leading to the canal shops looked like Michelangelo painted it. The gold color on the oversized molding on that ceiling was a beautiful touch. And the canal inside with the shops was spectacular.

Other recommendations to see in Vegas:

Imax movies at Caesars and Luxor. Also, the wax museum at the Venetian is well worth it. The Mystere‘ show at Treasure Island, well worth the money. Coca Cola Museum The Forum Shops in Caesars. Treasure Island Ship Battle. Gamblers Museum in Tropicana Hotel, very informative., Fountains at Bellagio Dolphin/Tiger habitat at Mirage Hotel.