Somewhere Special For A Nice Meal In Las Vegas Without Breaking The Bank?

Love your newsletter always look forward to reading it. My husband and I are coming to Vegas for 3 weeks and will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary whilst there.

Can you suggest somewhere special for a nice meal without breaking the bank? We don’t mind if it is not actually on the strip. (We are both in our early 60’s and not nightclubbers although we are very active).

I note the world cup football is on whilst we are in Vegas and wonder whether any of the matches will be shown in any of the Strip Sportsbooks. If not can you suggest anywhere we Brits may go to see these matches?

Thank you,

Tina Mcnicholas

Ted Responds:

Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse is top of their building with a great view. Old school feel (very nice, but nothing trendy).

Note: Steak houses like Binion’s Ranch serve a wide variety of other specialties if beef isn’t your thing.

Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens is also tops in the “special meal” category here in town. Consistently voted (Best Of Las Vegas for special meals ,and rightfully so). But entrees are going to run you a bit more.

Yes, the World Cup is being shown all up-and-down the Las Vegas Strip. Just set your alarm early to catch some of the games.

Happy Anniversary and thanks for reading and telling your friends!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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