Steak Special At Ellis Island Las Vegas Good

Randy Pendleton wrote:

Merry Christmas to you too Ted. I just returned from seven days in Vegas last night, and the weather was perfect every day except one. Returned to Indiana and it’s 17 degrees and snowing. Also, thanks to your advice, I tried the steak special at Ellis Island, and it was a super deal for the money. I tried the buffets at Bellagio, Resort at Summerlin, Main Street Station, and the sea food buffet at the Rio. Rio wins hands down however I had lunch buffets at all of the others and they were all half the price of the Rio. Can’t beat the ribs and pizza at Main Street, or the shrimp and deserts at The Resort at Summerlin, or the prime rib at Bellagio. The cheese cake was a toss up between Main Street, and Bellagio. I cant wait to go back!