Las Vegas Trip Report – Stayed At Aria, Great Restaurants, Terrible Service

I’m a long time Las Vegas visitor so I just had to stay at the new hotel Aria, in City Center. The hotel was disappointing, although the restaurants were great. Particularly, American Fish and Mastro’s Ocean Club in Crystals.

I had several service problems at Aria. Aria staff didn’t clean my room one day because, “they had no one to clean it.” Or, so said the supervisor. I asked to see the Hotel manager when checking out to provide management some “feedback” about the hotels operations. Management was too busy to speak with me in person. I declined the phone conversation.

The Aria has very low quality quest services. I will not stay there again. It’s amazing that they can charge exorbitant rates and get away with that kind of service. Makes you wonder why visitors continue to put up with that nonsense when there are so many other choices to spend your vacation cash.

We saw Daughtery, LifeHouse and Cavo at the Orleans Casino. Great show, nice casino, friendly staff. Barry Manilow was good over at the Paris. Tickets are a little pricey for his show, but I thought he did a nice job.

Steve from Loveland, OH

Ted Responds:

Aria service is getting TERRIBLE reviews (including from you) and yet their CEO recently noted that service at MGM Mirage (Resorts International) properties have been improving. Something will have to give. Aria is having trouble getting the room rates that the 12 year old Bellagio commands and this isn’t helping. Unfortunately, complaints about service at Aria are all over the internet. Hard to believe they picked the cream of the crop from their other hotels. And in this economy with 14% unemployment here, you would think that the employees would be all over themselves to provide amazing customer service.

I agree… restaurants and the bars and lounges at CityCenter: Expensive but top notch. Love it. But service for the the hotel…. not good. Not funny to pay that kind of money and get Imperial Palace service.

Orleans Las Vegas is a great place to see a show. We often suggest checking out The Orleans for people who want to sample a “locals” hotel casino. They have a free shuttle from Bill’s Gambling Hall on The Strip. Call ahead for current shuttle information.

Barry Manilow is hanging in there… remember… he’s not 25 years old! Still getting great reviews for the show and his energy.

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor