Visiting Locals Casinos In Las Vegas: Worth Checking Out Boulder/AZ Charlies/Sam’s Town/Cannery?

I follow a Yahoo group about Las Vegas. The following question was posed, and this was my response:

About every other trip to Vegas, we make it a point to take a day and go off-strip. For example, in the past 2 years, we took the following mini-trips to off strip casinos: 1. M Resort and South Point (both of these were great visits! The sports book/bar at South Point was a lot of fun!) 2. Red Rock and Rampart (we really liked Red Rock, but Rampart was a disappointment) 3. Palms and Rio (nothing too impressive with either of these. I’ve been to Rio for the WSOP before anyway)

For our next trip, we are talking about renting a car and going down Boulder Highway to see what’s out there. From some Google searches, it appears we have Arizona Charlies, Boulder Station, East Side Cannery, and Sam’s Town.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something in the Boulder Highway area I missed? Are all 4 of these casinos I mentioned worth visiting? Is Green Valley near Boulder Highway? I’d be interested to going to GV if it is.


Steve (in Philly)

Ted Responds:

All four are within a few minutes of each other and (to varying degrees) worth checking out. Sam’s Town especially with the indoor atrium and Cannery with the old school coin in/coin out machines.

If you had to skip one, skip Arizona Charlies (West). Decent but no frills. But really, even if you just spend 10 minutes walking through each one, they are all different so at least you’ll know what they are like.

The Firelight Buffet at Sam’s Town has been a long-time favorite. Special dinner nights there:

4:00pm – 9:00pm (Dinner starts at 3 PM on Fridays, cheaper price is for slot club card members)

Sunday – Steak Night $12.99 ($13.99)
Monday – Thursday $9.99 ($10.99)
Friday – Seafood Night $16.99 ($(17.99)
Saturday – Prime Rib Night $12.99 ($13.99)

Green Valley Ranch (GVR) isn’t in that area, but since you are out at Cannery, you might as well complete the loop by checking out Sunset Station, then GVR then back to The Strip. You’ll want to check out “The District” at GVR and see how the locals enjoy hanging out.

Map of the route with each stop marked:

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One final suggestion to those with a car: Check out Town Square (less than a mile south of Mandalay Bay, right on the Las Vegas Strip. Ace bus southbound on The Strip makes a stop there ). Super nice place with great restaurants, watering holes, shopping and an actual “central park” to enjoy. Hint: During the summer, enjoy it after sundown.

Town Square Las Vegas
Town Square Las Vegas

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor