Clubs For People Who Are Over 40 In Las Vegas?

I read the recent post about the lack of over 40’s club in Vegas and with what you said about the average age of Vegas travelers (and we have most of the money to spend) I am also amazed someone has not catered to this crowd. Me and my spouse visit Vegas often (late 40’s) and if someone did this right I do think they would make a killing. You ought to really get this out there-if this was done right I really do think it would be a gold mine.


B. Winter

Ted Responds:

You aren’t alone. I’m 44 so I’m in that stage where I grew up with (and like) lounges/clubs but a bit past where I can appreciate what caters to 25 year olds.

Nikki’s Beach will be the new beach club at the Tropicana and my research says they might really help fill the gap. However, Nikki’s Beach is on the upscale side. Seems to be a huge gap that someone needs to fill and we’ll keep banging the drum about it.

The strongest suggestion I have is Goldiggers, second floor of the Golden Nugget Las Vegas downtown overlooking the Fremont Street Experience. Let me note that this is a club, and inside there is modest dance floor and thumping music from the late 70’s though the 80’s (usually spun by a live DJ). But it is still pretty laid back, the large outdoor patio area has ample seating, quick and friendly cocktail service, and most importantly patrons ranging from late 20’s to 50’s in age. Open Wednesday – Sundays.

Click photo for larger version of Goldiggers photo:

Goldiggers lounge at Golden Nugget Las Vegas on a perfect eve... on Twitpic

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Should I Rent A Car In Las Vegas? Where Is The Cheap Golf?

A friend told us about you. We will be in Vegas soon. We are looking forward to visiting your city again. It has been 13 years and I’m sure there are a lot of changes to see. First of all I am planning to reserve a rental to be picked up at the airport, She told me that is a mistake and a nightmare so I should pick up the car elsewhere. What do you think? Second we will be there for a week and plan on playing some golf. Any suggestions for some decent courses for golfers on a budget? I understand non-residents pay more. Is there any way around that?

Thanks for any advise you can provide.

Lee & Ruth in Houston

Ted Responds:

Many of the hotels on The Strip have Hertz counters. If yours doesn’t, the Flamingo does with cars on site. You can go to online and compare booking at the airport (with taxes and fees) to what picking up the car at a Strip location would cost. Plus, if you don’t need the car the entire week you can just rent it for the time you need without having to take it back to the airport.

Desert Rose golf course is inexpensive. Nothing fancy. Royal Links if fun and generally pretty reasonable. My suggestion? Ask the hotel concierge when you check in. They will be able to give you the best advice and book the course for you. (Don’t worry about tipping them for making reservations — they get a commission). Unfortunately, local rates are for locals. Oh, and make sure you book morning tee times. Even though you are used to the Houston heat (and ours IS a dry heat), it doesn’t get any fun on the links when the temperatures close in on 100 F.

Finally, make sure to read our newsletter archives which will get you up to speed on the latest to do and see. Much has changed in 13 years — you won’t recognize the place!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Coming To Las Vegas From London For 25’th Anniversary: How To Find What Concerts Are Playing?

We are making a special trip to Vegas from London to celebrate 25 years of marriage and I am keen to secure 4 tickets for a Concert/Show preferably on Tuesday 14th September or failing that on Monday 13th September.

To this end, I would like to know what Concert/Shows will be scheduled to take place on these dates and whilst I accept it may be too soon to book tickets, knowing what will be occurring would help immensely.

I am keen to hear if Celine Dion or Cher would be performing on these dates.

I look forward to hearing back from you in due course.

Kind regards,

Tony Allen

Ted Responds:

Congratulations on the silver anniversary, and so happy to hear that you’ll be enjoying it in Las Vegas!

We have a complete Las Vegas Entertainment Calendar which gives you all the concerts, headliners, and events for any given time. Please understand that some are booked nearly a year in advance (late in the year, they will release all of their Vegas dates) and others sometimes only with a few weeks notice.

Best bet is to bookmark the page for the week you are interested in and check it weekly. Buying early insures best seating!

For running production shows, they generally perform nearly every week. Especially during September, pretty much anything you want to see will be available. Just go to our Las Vegas Shows page and start clicking around to see what you’d enjoy and what you want to book.

Also, stay tuned to this site as many readers post trip reports talking about what shows they enjoy. The easiest way to do that is to subscribe to our What’s Hot feed (click for subscription form). 3-5 times each week, we send you a very short email digest with links to all the new posts from this section plus selected posts about other Las Vegas visitor news, events, and happenings.

Have a great trip!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Las Vegas Trip Report: THE Hotel, Blue Man Group, So Much To Do And See, What Next Time?

I really enjoyed reading your ‘column’ before our (my husband and I) trip to Vegas. We arrived on April 17th and left on the 22nd. It was my first time on a plane; so that was an experience all by itself.

We stayed at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. A very quiet and comfortable room but we had a bunch of little ‘issues’ such as a ‘whistling’ shower and not being able to get in our room after a 14 hour Grand Canyon Tour (get this, the batteries to the room lock died!! ). But, we were determined to enjoy our time there in spite of the little blips along the way. We liked it enough that we are planning on bringing the kids with us next year.

The issue with us was that we were so overwhelmed on what to do. We had Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday to do all that we wanted to do. We managed to see The Blue Man Group (awesome show!), The Tournament of The Kings and Defending The Caveman. We had our Grand Canyon Tour on Monday which took all day. In between all that, we only managed to walk the strip and maybe walk into a casino or more it was through a casino and play a few slots here or there.

We wanted to go to the Stratosphere, see the dolphins, go up the Eiffel Tower; it just seemed like too much ‘strip’ and not enough time (or energy for that matter). If you were us, and you had three kids (one in the 20’s, a 12 yr old and a 3 yr old) and a 10 day vacation in Las Vegas, what would you do? Any advice you can offer to help us plan in the upcoming months wold be great. Thank you!!

Cathy in Massachusetts

Ted Responds:

Wow… you did pack a lot a lot into your visit! That is what hooks people about Las Vegas: You come for a number of days and realize that you didn’t begin to be able to see and do everything you wanted!

No question, you saw some great shows. Aren’t the Blue Man Group a trip?

Seeing the Grand Canyon is great. The downside? If you do it by motorcoach (bus), it takes all day. As you found out, ALL DAY. We strongly suggest people look into Maverick Helicopter Tours (click to see video). It only takes 1/2 a day, the views are unparalleled, and they actually have one tour that lands you in the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

We shy away from suggesting itineraries only because everyone has different tastes and there is SO much to do and see. Basically, just keep an eye on the newsletter (where we cover it all). Also, if you go to the newsletter archives and scroll down the right sidebar, you’ll find links to past months (and years) issues. Scan though the past 3-4 years and you’ll pick up plenty of info!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Somewhere Special For A Nice Meal In Las Vegas Without Breaking The Bank?

Love your newsletter always look forward to reading it. My husband and I are coming to Vegas for 3 weeks and will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary whilst there.

Can you suggest somewhere special for a nice meal without breaking the bank? We don’t mind if it is not actually on the strip. (We are both in our early 60’s and not nightclubbers although we are very active).

I note the world cup football is on whilst we are in Vegas and wonder whether any of the matches will be shown in any of the Strip Sportsbooks. If not can you suggest anywhere we Brits may go to see these matches?

Thank you,

Tina Mcnicholas

Ted Responds:

Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse is top of their building with a great view. Old school feel (very nice, but nothing trendy).

Note: Steak houses like Binion’s Ranch serve a wide variety of other specialties if beef isn’t your thing.

Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens is also tops in the “special meal” category here in town. Consistently voted (Best Of Las Vegas for special meals ,and rightfully so). But entrees are going to run you a bit more.

Yes, the World Cup is being shown all up-and-down the Las Vegas Strip. Just set your alarm early to catch some of the games.

Happy Anniversary and thanks for reading and telling your friends!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Las Vegas Trip Report: Visit Often, Loved Terry Fator, Didn’t Like CityCenter At All

Just returned from a 9 day stay in Vegas. Went to CityCenter twice. What a total waste of money. This was obviously built for the filthy rich. It looks too antiseptic. A long walk to everything. Walk through the Bellagio stores. They are close together and there are plenty of people around. You are not uncomfortable entering any store. Not like that in CityCenter. It is like entering a hospital or morgue! Last few days we crossed the street to avoid the place. No desire to ever stay there, gamble there or shop there. This is no place for a working man or woman. A total waste of money and space.

On the other hand, I was very impressed with the changes to the Tropicana. It is roomy, bright and inviting as are the workers. What a wonderful place!

If you have not yet seen Terry Fator — what are you waiting for? He is the 11’th wonder of the world. What talent! He is amazing! There is no entertainer like him. Worth every penny.

Been to Vegas at least once a year for over 20 years. It is the best city in the world.

John from
Swanton, VT

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the great feedback! I concur with some of your CityCenter statements. And it isn’t just a “for the rich” thing. Bellagio is “for the rich” but like you said, it just has a great feel to it.

We’re heard numerous reports of people who are staying at CityCenter actually cancel the rest of their reservations and move over to Bellagio.

CityCenter (MGM Grand) CEO wanted to bring New York to Las Vegas. He thought that “trashy” Vegas needed New York City class. Time will tell. I will say this: Few are lukewarm about it. Either they absolutely love the recreated city feel, or they find it abrasive and won’t be returning.

Tropicana is going to be just amazing. They have a great management team and are doing something that I’ve suggested Las Vegas could use for most of the 17 years I’ve lived here: Go for a true South Beach feel.

Thanks so much for the report. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Been To Las Vegas 40 Times In 10 Years From Scotland, Recommend Margarita Cantina

As many time visitors to Las Vegas (about 40 times in the last ten years) we thought we knew most places just to have a quiet drink and enjoyment. On our last trip in April we happened to be down at the Hilton where we came across a bar the Margarita Cantina our quick call in for a beer turned out to be a very happy and enjoyable couple of hours.

This was due to the customers using the bar and the excellent staff looking after us. We feel we had to mention this as there are not many places like this where one can have a quiet drink in pleasant surroundings.

Tony & Isla from Scotland

Ted Responds:

Wow… four times a year (on average) is dedication. You love Vegas and we are thrilled that you enjoy visiting. Thanks for the tip, which we are passing along right now!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

What Happened To Certain Slot Machines In Las Vegas?

I love this newsletter and look forward to reading every issue. You all do a great job and it’s greatly appreciated. My husband and I love Vegas. I am really happy that you’re doing articles on slot machines now because I love finding out about the new slot machine games before visiting Vegas.

My question on the slot machines is what happened to the Soul Train slot machines? I was reading about the slot machine before I visited Vegas, and was looking for the machine and never found it. What happened? Did the slot machine every hit the floor? I thought it would’ve been great fun, very nostalgic and I was really looking forward to playing it. If this slot machine is in Vegas, can you tell me where to play it? Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work on the newsletter.

Ted Responds:

Hats off to our gaming writer Victor Royer who has published more books on gaming than I have fingers or toes to count! (See Victor H. Royer books on Amazon). His new book on all the latest slots is just about to come out. We’ll be letting everybody know about it and giving away a few autographed copies as well!

By the way, you can read everything Victor has written for us at our Las Vegas Gambling

Soul Train was introduced in 2005. I’m not sure how widely it was distributed. Here’s how it works: The big gaming companies (the ones that own lots of casinos especially) will look at various slot machines which are in production and decide which ones they are going to buy and give a a try. Then, they put them on the casino floor. A slot idea may sound like a home run in theory, but turn out to be a dud. (From what I understand, a Clint Eastwood slot theme was expected to do very well and bombed). Others take off unexpectedly. As you may imagine, the ones that do well get more floor space while others are phased out.

Even if a slot is successful, it will often run its course as people gravitate to the newest games. Only a few games (Wheel Of Fortune comes to mind) seem to last forever. So, casinos will sell the slot to another casino (usually one of the older properties or downtown or now in other parts of the U.S. and even world) where the game will live on a few more years.

The odds of a game being around 5 years later aren’t that great. Having said that, maybe I just haven’t seen them. (I profess to be more of a table game player). Readers… if you know of a casino that still has Soul Train slots, please comment below!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

Any Las Vegas Poker Tournaments For Seniors?

We are a bunch of seniors who visit Las Vegas on a regular basis. Poker is our passion (especially Texas Hold’em). We don’t seem to find any tournaments for seniors at all in any of the casinos. How come?

We would like to see for example: (a) a Tournament for Seniors (ages 55 to 69) and (b) a Tournament for Old-Timers (ages 70 and above).

These are just suggestions for the major casinos. Now who would like to start by “shuffling up and deal!” Just an idea!


Ted Responds:

You know, I must confess I’m not much of a poker player so this one is out-of-my-field. Having said that, I agree it could be a nice idea for at least one casino to try (if it isn’t happening already — I did a web search and couldn’t find anything).

Readers, your input needed: If you know of anything Las Vegas poker related that is specifically for senior citizens, please note it in the comment box below and we’ll get the info out!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor