Happy To Hear Lady Luck Las Vegas Will Re-Open, Miss Old Slot Machines

What wonderful news about the Lady Luck! She was the first place we stayed in Las Vegas and the memories I have of her are heartwarming and wonderful! It was being remodeled while we were there in 2004… but the Pool was a nice size, although not glamorous and a lot of folks took advantage of it,,(,our room was pool side…)

I think it would be great if some casino would bring back all those old slots…like Elvira and the old Monopoly, Bewitched, Adams Family etc. even the old Elvis machine was great…even if they would do this in just a part of a Casino would be great! Not a museum…actual machines that folks could play….I like a lot of the new machines…but $5.00 to $50.00 per spin on a Penny or Nickel machine sort of defeats the purpose….if these new machines continue with 50 to 100 line bets +, the Casino’s are going to price a lot of folks out of coming!

I love Vegas…but when I come I limit myself to $1500 in gambling money for 3 days…I can’t see this ever changing…I love the slots, and I go to play….not for the shows, the drinks or the food, (although I enjoy the food!) but to play the slots at all the Casinos… but I like 9 to 20 line bets…what I see happening is me not being able to afford it much longer…Vegas is my favorite Vacation Spot, and if it prices me out…well this will be one really disappointed tourist! I’m not real lucky, but I love to play!

While I usually come home with a little money…I usually leave much more, including any winnings! I just love the excitement of being there…I look forward to it for months in advance…it still holds its magic for me…but if this happens to me, how many other folks is it going to affect? I hope that Vegas will not become a Vacation Destination for only the affluent in our society….but it sure looks like it’s headed that way. Keep us posted on The Lady Luck!

Sherrie B.

Ted Responds:

No opening date set yet, but we understand work has started and are looking forward to it ourselves. They are doing remodel and upgrades (which is needed). Let’s hope they keep enough of all the old vibe which made it great while bringing it up to modern standards!

Video Poker Machine Las Vegas Full House

The Fremont Hotel Casino (also downtown) has quite a few of the “oldie but goodie” machines. In fact, next to their check-in area, they actually have old-school coin-fed (and high payback) video poker games. The kind that we were all used to in the 90’s. I know… I was playing one of them a few days ago (see above photo)!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor