Trouble Getting A Drink At Palazzo Las Vegas

I had to respond about the drink at the Palazzo. Several years ago I was in the Venetian sitting at a machine playing (I was there on one of my 30something birthdays) and the cocktail waitress came around to see if anyone wanted a cocktail. She tried to pass me by and when I caught her she said I was too young (even though I was playing on a machine and had my slot card in it). When I produced my ID and it showed I was in my late 30’s she said I could have a drink. She never came back with it and when next she came around for drink orders she took off running when she saw me and refused to serve me.

Needless to say I really don’t visit there any more!

Johnnell Manfredini

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the input. As someone who still gets carded from time-to-time at age 44 (at places where it isn’t mandatory), at least we can count our blessings there.

However, there certainly seems no excuse for how you were treated. I like Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas but no question they seem to be tighter on the drinks. From what I recall, when they built the hotel, they installed a liquor room underground and virtually all drinks come from the gun. IE, no “extra pour” if you are tipping well.

My thinking is that a friendly bartender pouring a little bit heavy would cost a property a small amount of money compared to the goodwill (and more tipsy gamblers) would bring in!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

2 thoughts on “Trouble Getting A Drink At Palazzo Las Vegas”

  1. how do they figure the payback on the penny machines. I have notice that all the casino that are large on boulder hwy more times than i can count I have put 10.00 bill in got less than 1.00 back total on about 80% of there machines this seems to be the rule

  2. Penny machines basically have the lowest payout (highest hold) of any machines.

    If you are going to play more than 25 cents per pull (game), move up to a quarter machine.

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