Visting Laughlin and Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

Thelma Brady wrote:

First of all I would like to thank you for your news letter every week, I have learned a lot about Vegas from reading them. Really enjoy them.

We recently returned from Vegas, spent about a month out there, went to Lake Tahoe for the first time (beautiful ). Also went to Laughlin too. Beautiful there, to we really love Laughlin its so nice and quiet out there. Also went back to Vegas, took the Grand Canyon tour which was very nice, but they tell you you are going to have breakfast and lunch, which is fine we thought.

First of all the the breakfast was a big joke, they took us to an airport I don’t know which one very small all we got was a cup of coffee,juice, & a danish which was ok not the best, but no tables to sit at very few seats,because of all the tours that was there, so if your bus was one of the last ones in you stood up to eat which wasn’t to easy.

Also when we got to lunch at the Holiday Inn we had to pay for our soda the meal wasn’t that good (buffet) not much to pick from , mashed potatoes, no gravy for them, and deserts at all. I would not recommend this trip to anyone I knew was going.

Otherwise the trip to Vegas was wonderful as always.

Thank you for your time.