Want To Go See Pawn Stars Las Vegas Shop – What Should I Do?

Pawn Stars was going to be one of the must things for us to see. We were planning on stopping there Tues or Wed. After reading about how busy they were, we would surely appreciate if you could give me some tips ahead of time.

Jim in Michigan

Ted Responds:

Go in the morning, about 9:30 AM. This is best time to beat the crowds and also when the guys actually usually show up for work (unless they are traveling on promotional appearances). The stars of the show do not hang out meeting people, especially after the lines start. But they do tend to be around and visible when they show up. If you can do without trying see the cast members, go later in the evening when the lines are gone as the store is open 24/7.

The shop is not very big. But if you are a regular viewer of Pawn Stars, you’ll spot tons of stuff you’ve seen on the show. Also, scan the display cases carefully. Jammed with tons of stuff.

If taking a cab, give the cabbie the address:
713 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Some cab drivers pretend to not know where it is because the shop won’t pay kickbacks. Obviously with an address, they have to take you right there. The store now has a cab stand (usually one waiting during peak times).

The actual name of the store is Gold and Silver Pawn.

If taking the Duece north from The Strip, get off at Gass Ave. Once you pass The Stratosphere, ask the driver for for that stop.

If you like a good cigar, check out my friend Don Vicente’s cigar lounge just across the street and one block north. 100% rolled by Cuban rollers. If taking the Deuce, the stop is next to his shop for the trip back.

Also, you are only 1/2 mile from Fremont Street Experience downtown. So you may want to kill two birds with one stone.

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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