What Are Free and Cheap Activities To See In Las Vegas?

Wanted to let you know we’re coming to Vegas – we do at least once a year. Would like to know of some cheap to free things to do!! Money is tight everywhere right now, as I’m sure you all know too,but regardless, we always find a means to come to Vegas (everyone at work is SSSOOOOO jealous!! HA HA!!) So, this year we just had to save a whole lot more than before, and now we’d like to know if there’s really anymore places to go that we won’t break the bank so to speak. We’re not into all the shows, unless comedies but like, does any of the casinos have freebies like they had years ago? I remember going to Sassy Sally’s and got a comp newspaper/article/picture of us (used to get coupon books too)!

Haven’t seen any of those in a WHILE, but the little things like that used to always keep us coming back to those places, and spending money in those casinos. That was way back when,and now I have a fiance’ who goes with me every year and for his birthday,we’re always there. That’s his gift from me, but then I have no money for an ACTUAL gift. Would Love some info also on tours. Yes, I KNOW they are not free, or cheap, but he LOVES Cadillac Escalades and will never afford one, or even know anyone to get a ride, but any info for even a short ride would give him the BIGGEST thrill!!!

Thanks guys, & sorry this was so long!! Keep up the good work! We love your online edition!!!

Kelly S.

Ted Responds:

Actually, there are so many free things to do and see that I’ll need to be brief. I STRONGLY suggest you call each hotel in question as to current times and information. I’m not listing those specifics because someone will read this four years from now and yell at me for “bad” information.
Bellagio Fountains – Every 30 minutes in the day, every 15 minutes in the evening. See it after dark for best show. Stay and watch two shows. They are all different and after a show, the crowd clears and you can move into a choice viewing spot with only a 10 minute wait for the next show.

Bellagio Botanical Gardens – Open 24/7 and always beautiful and spectacular. While you are back there, walk a little further and check out the Chocolate fountain (yes, real chocolate) at Jean-Philippe Chocolates and Pastries.

Las Vegas Sign – About a 7 minute walk south of Mandalay Bay, take your picture in front of the famous sign.

Painted Ceilings At Venetian – Go to the hallway between Venetian Check-in and and the casino and look up. Also when you first walk into the hotel from The Strip. Amazing and many people never look up to see them!

Circus Circus – Still has free Circus Acts every day. Call ahead for performance times.

Mirage Volcano – Recently upgraded and as spectacular as ever. I believe times are posted in front of it or call The Mirage.

Harrah’s Carnival Court – Free live music in the afternoon and evenings. Also just inside, their dueling piano bar. Best on nights that the Twin Keys (two female twins) are playing. I’ve seen lots of dueling piano shows. They are the best.

People Watching – Just walk The Strip or Downtown. You’ll not run short of things (and people) to look at!

Finally, Downtown Fremont Street Las Vegas is the best place to go without breaking the bank. After dark, it turns into one huge (but very safe) street party. Buy a beer at the ABC store (or a $2 Corona or Heineken at Fremont Hotel) and enjoy the light show and (often) free concerts and performances. Some YouTube video:

Downtown Las Vegas Light Show Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas Free Entertainment: Dancing Bartenders, Fan Halen, Dream Team Sexy Divas Shows

I didn’t get to everything free but that should keep you plenty busy.

Per the Escalade, see if they have one for rent at the Hertz counter at The Flamingo. Rent one for the day and drive up and down the Las Vegas Strip, down to Hoover Dam, and then back over to Red Rock Canyon.

Best Comedy Show bang for your buck: Mac King Comedy Magic Show

We have an entire section of comedy shows (most reasonably priced) on our shows page: Las Vegas Shows. Gotta do your own homework as everyone has different tastes and budgets.

Hope this helps!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

4 thoughts on “What Are Free and Cheap Activities To See In Las Vegas?”

  1. Just got back from a week in Vegas one thing that isn’t a deal is Tix 4 Tonight They have grown from a discount ticket vendor to a marketing scam. Wanted Price is Right Tickets big line infront of Bill’s 30 people at least around 9AM No one would be specific comments like yes they are showing today no mention if they have discount tickets available just the price if they would have them.Asked a worker where the closest next Tix was and he informed me Casino Royale but at this time of day all will have lines. took a chance and started walking. Wow right in the door way at O’sheas was a Tix, 2 guys and not 1 customer. They had no discount Price is Right Tickets $49 regular price only. Obviously the Tix guy at Bill’s was less than honest long story short went to Bally’s where I was staying for $27 a night great room, showed my player’s card and got a 25% discount $38 a ticket 1$ less than Tix advertised discount Buyer beware.

  2. One thing that was a nice free souvenir is pictures for your entire party in a nice Binion’s sleeve of you and a million bucks.Downtown is where its at, all kinds of interesting street vendors,bands,frequent drinks inside the front at Fitz play penny Red Hot Sevens get a beer and people watch or take your drink and walk Fremont Street and don’t be suckered in by the up to 10 grand hourly drawing at Mermaids or La Bayou Hello just a scam to get you to stay longer my buddy wonthe drawing,2 bucks we sure got a good laugh that’s Vegas a story to take home every hour take the beads and walk through they are kind of fun.

  3. hi ted, love your page, a ‘must read’ every week…..but…
    “HURRAH’S, TWIN KEYS, (two female twins)…ain’t that four!!!….regards, jimmy from austraila

  4. LOL I stand corrected. Besides… those two are a handful all by themselves. I can’t imagine what four of them would be like!

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