When Is Las Vegas Spring Break In 2011? Want To Avoid The Crowds…

Hello Ted and Team,  Happy New Year to you all. Thanks as always for the continuing updates, has helped get us through a horrible winter here in the UK!

I have a quick question for you – do you know when Spring Break is this year? We are hoping to come around the end of March/beginning of April but would prefer to avoid the younger crowd!

Many thanks,

Claire & Daryll Young


Ted Responds:

College spring break in the U.S. stretches from late February to early April, peaking in March. The more important dates to avoid more have to do with the NCAA College Basketball playoffs (March Madness). March 15-27 and April 2-4 is prime time here with the combination of Spring Break and March Madness.

Also, MTV is doing a week of spring break coverage from The Palms March 6-10. The town will be flooded with students who actually think they’ll be able and get into the Palms pool and get on TV (fat chance) who may come here that week (or part of it) even if it isn’t their spring break.

If pool weather is a must, hold off until April for your visit. If you want to just get somewhere warmer than the UK and are itching to get over here, do it in later February. Our average February high is 63F. Average for April is 78F.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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