Where Are The Las Vegas Slots That Actually Still Pay Real Coins?

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We have been going to Vegas for more years than I care to remember but I think Vegas has started going down hill since the ticket machines came into play. Since they have come in the casinos now are like gaudy mausoleum’s. The only noise now is from the table games area. The sounds that they make that are supposed to sound like coin’s falling sound more like they are fed beans every hour and they are having a toot contest. It was so much better and exciting when you could walk into a casino and here that loud noise of coins hit the tray. People would get excited and loud when they hit alot of coins and now you don’t hear anything.

Sure I know they keep your little fingers clean but it sure wiped out the noise and the fun. Give me dirty fingers any time. The dirtier the better because the dirtier they were the more money I collected. I really think they blew it taking away the noise not to mention the job’s that were lost.

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Ted Responds:

I agree with you: Feeding the machines was fun and scooping up all those nickels/quarters/dollar tokens meant you WON. And when the “ping-ping-ping” was happening (noise that coins made falling into the hopper for you to collect) around a casino, you knew other people were WINNING? Sure, you had to wash your hands. So what? You WON!

Most casinos did away with them because of the cost. They broke down more often, needed fills (money to be brought to refill the machine) when they ran empty, needed more people at the casino cage to cash you out.

Good new is they still exist in a few places:

  • Fremont Hotel Las Vegas Casino downtown – If you look around, you’ll still find selected games that pay out real quarters.
  • El Cortez Las Vegas Casino downtown – Was there a couple of weeks ago and played a little video poker and cashed out in real quarters. If I’m not mistaken, the entire casino is still “coin out” where you get paid in real coins. Add to that that El Cortez is just a block east of the Fremont Street Experience and recently completely (and nicely) remodeled and it is a great place to play! Check our our recent photos: El Cortez Las Vegas Hotel Casino Pictures
  • The D – Upstairs, they have a complete casino floor dedicated to coin-operated and older slot machines. You’ll feel like Las Vegas from 15-20 years ago! Plus, one of the last Sigma Derby (coin-operated horse racing) games left in existence.
  • Eastside Cannery Las Vegas Hotel Casino on Boulder Highway – They have a section dedicated to the really “old” video poker machines. The kind that were popular in the 80’s and early 90’s. No bill acceptors. You feed them quarters and cash out quarters. Sometimes a wait to play them at peak times.

Hope this helps!

Ted Newkirk
CEO, Managing Editor

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  1. the first time in vegas 1950 in a 49 ford waited out side the fremont air windows for mom and dad-today jail time for parents -it was o k – i was 7 -came back every year since 1958-love this town-from valley cal-move hear 92-parents live here to -dad just turned 90-good chance i will be around for long time- at the end of the year please send harry back to his ant farm

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